Skype-LogoI recently told you about how my kids used Skype to keep in touch with their favorite teacher when she was away.  With it being summer, some kids are lucky enough to go away on vacation to visit relatives. Families are using technology to keep in touch with loved ones both near and far away.

Can you imagine if we had all of this when we were young? All we had were telephones. No smartphones, no laptops, no tablets. If we wanted to see our parent’s faces while on vacation we had to look at a photo. There is a lot to be said about being able to quicking and easily call your mom on a video call when you miss her. You can see the smile on her face…. in real-time. And she would feel the same way. A mom that misses her babies would be happy to see their faces, hear their smiles, and actually see the laughter and glee on their faces.


Mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones make this possible. Here are a few ways that families and others can use Skype to keep in touch with loved ones all over:

1. Military Families: We see it on the news all the time. Our wonderful men and women in the military use their computers to call home and get in some smile time with their families. They even use that time to sing their kids a lullabye.

2. Commuter Parents: These are the parents that unfortunately have to travel for work… a lot. Yes, some travel is nice. But being away from your family for 5 days out of the week can be hard. However, you can make your family feel better just by letting them see your face and hear your voice.

3. Teachers and Students: Yes, my story was about my kids keeping in touch with their teacher who was recovering from surgery. But what about a student that may be sick but still wants to attend class? A friend can easily use their laptop to help them attend class. This is better than sharing notes.

4. Business Meetings: This is one of the most popular uses of video conferencing right now. It can save time, money, driving, gas (very expensive), and more. If everyone cannot take the time to come together in person for a critical meeting, they can still meet from wherever they are. I have done it several times, and it really does make me feel very efficient.

5. Couples: Of course we not only need to make sure that families with children keep in touch with loved ones. But, this is also important when in love. Jobs, travel, and other obligations may make it hard for us to be together as much as we would like. Setting up a webcam date can keep us close even when apart.

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Good luck!

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