Kris Cain at Essence Fest 2013I don’t know whether to say that I have been MIA, or just plain busy, or what. I have been on a whirlwind! There have been a ton of awesome events going on already this summer. The most recent was the excitement of Essence Fest 2013. Oh my gosh!!  I was both surprised and honored to be asked to attend the festivities by not one, but two major sponsors, Coca-Cola and Verizon Wireless. I have never done an official press junket at such a large event before, so I was not sure exactly what to expect. However, I did not want to miss out on either experience since I have great relationships with both companies. I was lucky to be able to split my time.  I spent the first two days of the fest with Coca-Cola and the remaining 2 days as an official member of the Essence Press Junket on behalf of Verizon Wireless. I’ll be writing about the different experiences, the activities, the outings, the stars, and the concerts with each in coming posts.

Luckily I did not have any travel problems this time. No delays and no storms. I arrived on July 4th. It was my first time in New Orleans. The city was jumping as you can imagine! Thousands and thousands of people flooded the city to eat, play, dance, party, and enjoy the Essence Fest. I was hoping to make my way over to Bourbon Street, but sadly I was not able to make it. That just gives me another reason to go back. Our schedules were pretty packed most days. And when I had down time I napped, or worked. There was so much going on! I tried to work some extra time into my schedule to hang around on Monday to explore, but sadly that did not work out. However, there was no shortage of things to do and see with the Fest going on! I danced, i sang, and boy did I eat!!

Stay tuned for more posts and a TON of photos about just what I was up to in NOLA!