Sick_Computer.190144146_stdUgh! Where do I start? You know that feeling you get when you feel like you are finally about to accomplish that thing that you have been putting off forever? And then just as you are going “Ahh… now I can finally go to bed as soon as I save this”, something happens…. something bad. Whatever it is you were working on is lost, messed up. Technology chooses that moment to go nuts. That has been my week. It has actually been a lot longer than a week, more like a month.

The Network

It started when I started having network connection issues here at home. I went back and forth with Comcast for over a week. I tried out 3 different routers (I was lucky enough to have 2 review units waiting in boxes). Comcast would say it was their end. They would fix it. Then they would say it was my end. I would reset and/or try and new router. And on and on it went… back and forth. A technician came out and touched some things. It worked for a while. But, sigh…. I am still not convinced that my connection is stable. I am still experiencing some weirdness here and there, but nothing like before. Now mind you, I have been with Comcast for internet since 1998 and I have had very little problems, so I stick with it. It is still the fastest out there.

The MacBook

Then right before BlogHer my MacBook started acting a little funky. I chalked it up the fact that I hardly ever turn the poor thing off. I usually have several programs running, and I use it to it’s full potential. I posted on FB one day that it was trying to make my hyperventilate. I restarted it to clear up some memory (or so I thought), and it would not boot correctly. It took several tries to get it to the Finder. Finally I cleared the PRAM and all seemed well. I did not use it again until I got home from BlogHer. It was ok for a day or two. Well then it started acting funky again, but this time it did not recover from a reboot and the dreaded clicking started. I WISH I would have had more time before rushing off to BlogHer… I would have poked around and realized that the hard drive was dying. But, I did not. So… I did not back it up. That was going to be my plan when it booted. HA! ┬áLuckily most of my documents, etc. that I use are in the Cloud via Dropbox and Google Drive. But there are still a few things on the MacBook that I would like to recover. I guess I’ll be looking into data recovery options. I’m really mad since I have only had this computer since March 2012. You know how all those folks says that Macs don’t have issues? Yeah… ok. ­čśë I am very blessed that it is not my only computer.

The Blog

Then last night I decided to finally make some changes to my blog design that I have putting off. It should have been quick and simple. However, a glitch in my theme system caused me to mess up the formatting of the whole dang site. I use Headway. Now, when Headway works… it is awesome. I love the flexibility. However, the glitches make me want to throw things. ┬áSince it got really jacked up I am now taking the time (slowly) to just pretty much recreate it all. Ugh. It is a pain, but it needed to be done anyway. So if you see something funky on the site…. please ignore. ­čÖé

Oh, and I almost forgot about two other things…

The Smartphone

One of my daughter’s smartphones which I got for review ages ago and passed on to her has gone nuts. It now won’t turn on for the most part. And when it does it shows the white screen of death, or a scrolling colored screen like an old TV set.

The Camera

AND… my Samsung Galaxy Camera recently started displaying a black spot on every photo. I cannot clean it off. It is embedded in the lens or something. I will be contacting tech support about that. I have seen a few other reports online of it happening to others.

Part of me wants to give up and take a vacation from tech for a while (August 20th here I come). However, I cannot do that yet. I have deadlines to meet. And people are stalking me asking me for posts and updates, etc. etc.

Sigh… such is life.