Texting & Driving - t Can WaitThere is no better way to show young drivers what can happen in a serious accident that might be caused by texting and driving than to show them someone personally affected. I can remember years ago when the police department used to set up wrecked cars outside of schools to show teens the devastation caused by of accidents. Most teens go through driver’s education while in school. Many get their driving permit or even license at only 16 years old. They are excited. They want to show off. They want to be cool. Many of them don’t yet have the mental capacity to realize that they are not experienced drivers. They should not have distractions. In fact, even the most experienced drivers still make mistakes.

AT&T continues to do their part with the It Can Wait Campaign. Getting the word out and convincing the public to stop is not always easy. Sometimes you have to make it hit close to home. Seeing the videos and hearing the stories can be very sad. However, it is also necessary. Many people live by the “it could never happen to me” rule. They see stories on the news. They hear about the friend of a friend who was killed in a car accident. But most of us never walk around thinking “this could happen to me.” The fact of the matter is that we just don’t know. Unfortunately we have no control over what other drivers are doing. However, we do have control over our own situations. We can minimize the distractions, and exercise extra care when driving to prevent disaster.

Not convinced? AT&T is sharing a series of videos which show us the stories of texting and driving disaster. Watch Chandler’s Story below. Although the video is only 32 seconds long, it shows us the point of view of a “texter” – someone who was texting while driving. While he appears ok physically, the real damage runs much deeper. And the full story is heartbreaking.

That is the story of someone who texted while driving. It did not end well. That one moment changed his life forever. It also changed the lives of other families. Their were children involved. But, unfortunately we cannot hear their side of the story. They were innocent.

But we can hear from another victim. Equally sad is the story of Xzavier. Watch and listen to the story of this young man.

If these stories touched you, please take the pledge. Then cut out the distractions while driving. Your life, your children’s lives, or a stranger’s life just may depend on it. ¬†You can even download the It Can Wait activation kit to help spread the word.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by AT&T. All opinions are my own.