google_logoI talk a lot about SEO. It is an important part of getting your site seen by new visitors. You will typically get visitors by telling people to visit your site, posting links on social media, or passing out business cards. But, when you are not doing those things, you still need to have a solid base of searchable content to get visitors from search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more each have a specific way that they search and index websites. The below guest post shares some valuable information about making your site SEO friendly.


Optimizing your site is essential for getting the maximum amount of traffic for your business. Search engine optimization requires that you create content on your site that will attract the attention of the search engines. There is a science to search engine optimization, and knowing a few tips and tricks will help you to create pages that search engines will love.

Write for Your Audience

Search engines love relevant content. They are looking for information-rich content that delivers exactly what Web searchers are seeking. Some webmasters make the mistake of simply stuffing their sites with keywords, hoping to attract the attention of the search engines. This method doesn’t work. Don’t write your articles, blog postings and product descriptions for the search engines. Create content that gives your readers in-depth information about your product or service. Most searchers use the Web to gather information. Give them what they are looking for and the search engines will reward you with high rankings.

Deliver Rich Content

You will gain higher rankings if your readers linger on your page, spending time reading and viewing your content. Post vibrant pictures and start discussion forums on your site. Make your site interactive with games, quizzes and polls. Create webinars that deliver useful content that your readers can use. By keeping your website interesting, you will attract the attention of the search engines and get higher rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs)

Get Quality Links

When other reputable sites link to your page, it’s like getting a referral from an authority figure. Contribute content to other high-ranking sites as a guest blogger and include links back to your page. Submit your custom-written articles to article directories and allow other sites to link back to your page. Be careful, though, with what pages you trade links with. If you link to spam pages or scam sites, it can lower your search engine ranking.

Get Social

The best way to get the best exposure for your website is to create social media profiles. YouTube is the second largest search engine with billions of unique page visitors daily. Create a YouTube profile that will spotlight your product or service. Post pictures of your products on Pinterest and create a Twitter account for your company. Promoting your company across social media sites is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your business.

Write for Hub Sites

Hub sites offer information on a variety of topics. They allow users to submit content on a particular subject. This subject is shared with other “Hubbers” who share the content with your readers. Establish yourself as an expert and share your knowledge with others. Link back to your site and watch the traffic flow in. Not only will you establish yourself as an authority figure, you will increase your search engine rankings. Search engine optimization requires hard work, dedication and time. By using a few simple SEO tips you can increase your page’s visibility and gain new visitors to your site.


Jared is a member of the SEO team at Search Factory, an online marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia. You can read more from Jared at the Search Factory Blog by clicking here.