candy_crushLet me introduce you to my friend Freddy Cloud. He’s a fellow tech geek like me. He recently started his own blog, The Gadget Consultant, which I helped him get running. Check it out.

Anyway, I recently read this post on his site and it made me giggle for a couple of reasons which I will keep to myself. LOL! No, but really though…. everywhere I go I see someone playing Candy Crush Saga. EVERYWHERE. It took me a long time to fall into the trap myself. I refused to try. REFUSED. Well ok, I was busy with my own obsession, Solitaire Blitz. I reviewed that for a post and couldn’t give it up. :\  Anyway, I think at that time I opened Candy Crush once… checked it out and said… I AM NOT GOING TO DO IT!! I didn’t want to be a fiend like my Facebook friends. But now… I play. I’m *only* on level 70 though. Yes, I said only…. because I know some people on level 350!

My favorite excerpt from his post is “People, this game is the devil. If you have friends who aren’t on the Candy Crush, do them a favor: tell them to stay away. STAY FAR AWAY! Friends don’t let friend play the Candy Crush Saga.”

Read Freddy’s whole post here. And please pop over and show him some love on his Facebook page.