20130822-005022.jpgBack to school is here. For my family it has been in full affect for 2 weeks. Getting back in the swing of things was HARD. We were used to sleeping late, eating dinner late, and staying up late. There was no homework to worry about, no uniforms to get ready, and no endless school newsletters or forms to keep track of.

But now the to do list is never ending! And I have to keep track of it all. Here are 5 tips from me to try to stay organized during back to school madness.

1. Have a schedule: One thing that keeps me in line is having a schedule. Do I follow it strictly? Heck no. I don’t put everything on it. However some things are very important and cannot be missed. Doctor’s appointments, special school functions, and some weekend activities have to go on the calendar. Of course if your kids have very busy schedules related to school or extra curricular activities you will want to add everything.

2. Share your schedule: I keep a separate calendar for my kid’s schedule from my personal schedule. I share this calendar with their Dad, so that he can easily keep track of their appointments as well since we take turns doing the scheduling and driving around.

3. Keep a detailed to do list: I make a list of everything that I need to do. I also use the To Do List feature on my smartphone so that I have the list with me at all times.

4. Scan and organize important papers: Use a scanner to make an electronic copy of birth certificates, medical records, and other important papers that you might need. Keep these securely on your computer. You can easily pull them up when it’s time to submit them, fax them, or make copies.

5. Utilize your smartphone: Smartphones are created to keep us connected and organized. Learn how to use yours, and utilize your scheduling and organization apps to keep you on track. You can set reminders, mark items off your to do list, and of course keep up with your email.

I recently received a Sprint HTC One phone for review. This Android phone does a great job of helping me get ready for back to school. I love Android phones for their ease of use and flawless connection to Google Services like Google Calendar, Gmail, and Hangout. Plus the awesome 4.7″ screen is great for watching movies or playing games when you need to blow off some steam. You can now purchase and HTC One from Sprint and get one free. That’s perfect if you and your student both need a new phone.

Also, Sprint recently revamped their plans. They are now the only national carrier to guarantee unlimited talk, text, and data for life. That means you will have no worries of going over data limits while browsing, watching movies, or helping your kids research topics for their homework.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sprint via Glam Media. All opinions are my own.