gold-seal-best-mdA huge amount of business is now conducted online. And whether you are a customer, a consultant, or a seller, chances are there’s an app for that! Being able to keep up with your business while on the go may be essential to keeping your business running. If you are an online seller you will have to keep up with orders, field questions from potential customers, and possibly even ship your orders. The below guest post shares some information on great apps to help you along.

A great deal of today’s online business is conducted on the go, as more and more consumers buy and sell products using mobile devices. You can use your mobile phone to its best advantage by downloading the following apps. These can help you do everything from price your products more effectively to deliver great customer service.

1. Shopsavvy: Whether you sell furniture online or smaller items like downloadable E-books, you’ll need to set competitive prices. As any online retailer knows, research is important. However, it can be time-consuming to pore through every online competitor’s website to compare prices. You can download the Shopsavvy app to get a quick and easy summary of the various prices in your area or niche. If you’re sourcing new products, you can simply scan the barcode for a look at what other retailers are asking.

2. Freshdesk: Customer service is another important factor when selling products or services online. For today’s fully wired online shops, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the different ways that customers can communicate with you. You not only need to read all comments on your Facebook page, mentions on Twitter, emails, and blog comments, but respond to them in a timely manner! Freshdesk is an app that compiles all mentions, comments, and emails into one streamlined customer support file, so that you can respond more efficiently to customer comments and questions.

3. Appeagle Re-pricing Tool: Along with tools like Shopsavvy, there are other apps which can make sure that you’re not undersold by the competition. This is particularly important if you’re using tools like eBay when figuring out how to sell antiques and collectibles, which can have price points that change on a minute-to-minute basis. If you have listed your products on multiple channels, Appeagle’s re-pricing app will keep a close watch on the competition. The app will then automatically re-price your items according to your competitors’ prices, so if a competitor drops their price suddenly you won’t be priced out of the market. You can set a minimum threshold to ensure that the bar isn’t dropped too low, however.

4. Jump Desktop: The percentage of business that can now be conducted from a smartphone is remarkable, but in some cases you need to have access to your home computer when on the go. The Jump Desktop app gives you instant access to your regular work computer, should you need to access a specific file in a meeting or upload a product photo to land a sale.

5. FAQ: Do you spend a good chunk of your day answering the same email questions over and over again? You may already have an FAQ page on your website, but this may be looked over by potential customers. The FAQ app delivers automatic responses for you when these questions are asked via email. You can customize your responses with a range of opening and closing phrases, along with images or maps when needed.

6. Hootsuite: Managing your social media networks is an important part of becoming a successful online seller. Hootsuite’s mobile app lets you stay on top of social media updates, statistics, and new contacts. Rather than signing into each network separately, you can receive notifications through a central area for convenience.