kids_halloweenIt has been a few years since I decorated for Halloween. I blame being busy, traveling, and letting the time get away from me. Luckily my kid’s grandmother lives in a community where they throw a big party for the kids every year. This keeps them off the streets and safely inside among family and friends. They get all the food, candy, and fun that they need. However, kids will be kids. And even though they won’t even be home for Halloween they still ask me about decorating and trick or treating.

This year I’m thinking that we have to do something. Even Martha Stewart Magazine is getting the jump on planning for this year. I’ve been trying to decide  if I want to dress up. And if so what I might be for Halloween. It has been a while since I dressed up. The last time I dressed up was 2010 for a friend’s Halloween party. I have NO clue what I’m leaning towards this year. However, I do know that it needs to involve technology. I may just be a geek of some type. 🙂 But of course I would have to be a cool geek. Hmm….

I talked to my kids and their friends about what they want to be for Halloween this year. My favorite answer is Wonder Woman. This comes from 8 year old Ari who was just introduced to the super hero by her mother. THAT.IS.AWESOME! I loved Wonder Woman when I was a kid. Heck, I still do. 🙂 Also mentioned were SpongeBob, Rachet & Clank (my boy’s favorite game), and Iron Man. These all sound pretty awesome. And I am assuming that based on popular characters right now that other kid’s lists may be similar. But of course some kids are more unique and don’t go for the popular choice. They like to make up their own costumes. One of my daughters who has really taken to crocheting says that she wants to be a crochet monster. LOL. Ok then. Ether way, I think if we watch these Halloween costumes and the trends out there we will come up with something great.

How are your Halloween plans shaping up? Any ideas on costumes yet?