When smartphones first became mainstream, it was commonplace for carriers to just allow us to happily use our smartphone to browse and browse as much as we wanted. We had unlimited data and we were happy to use it. But as smartphones became more popular and users used more data, some of the carriers decided that they needed to limit some bandwidth. Of course it was probably for a very good reason, like network stability, or overuse. The truth is that we are now more attached to our phones than ever before. Now it is common to browse the internet, check social media, create and reply to emails, and even watch movies from our mobile devices. All of this usage uses quite a bit of data. Carriers have had to beef up their signals, expand their networks, and improve their technologies to keep up with demand. This of course requires money which means they had to find a way to pay for those improvements.

Have you ever wondered just how much data you use from month to month? I have. However, I am lucky. One of the main reasons that I stick with Sprint as my carrier is because they are one of the few that still offer unlimited data. This means that I do not have to worry about how much data I am using. I don’t have to worry about whether or not I am going over. I can just browse and browse and enjoy my smartphone as it should be.

What kind of data user are you? Do you only check your email? Do you game? Shop? Or all of those. Cricket Mobile created this fun infographic to show the different types of mobile data users. Which one are you?