pvz2_logoZombies are all the rage these days! Movies, TV shows, and games have us either loving or hating these undead creatures. I usually do not engage in zombie activity when home alone! I want to do a Walking Dead marathon… but just something about those zombies creep me out for real. LOL! However, there are some little zombies that I am not afraid of when home alone. The zombies from Plants vs. Zombies.

Today marks a great day for Plants vs. Zombies fans! PvZ2 for Android is now in the Google Play store. YEAH! If you loved Plants vs. Zombies and you have not played Plants vs. Zombies 2 you are in for a treat!

This game is cute, fun, and addictive. While you may think “Zombies are cute??? Hmm….” I assure you that they are. LOL! But even cute zombies are not necessarily good zombies. These zombies are after your house! Don’t let them get there. The object of this game is the keep the zombies from getting to your house. You do this by putting peashooters in their path that shoot at them until they take them down! Heads will roll… literally!

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The strategy is to block all paths to your home. You need at least one plant in each row, sometimes it is necessary to plant 2 peashooters! And just wait until you see the wonders that plant food can do.

Peashooter2Your plants work hard protecting your home, so you have to take care of them. Plants need

Sunflower2sun, and food. The more sun you collect, the more peashooters you can plant. You can also plant sunflowers. These provide you with more sun, so that you can keep planting more peashooters! The more you have, the better you can fight the zombies. Yes, sometimes the zombies will make it to your plants and eat them, but it is not the end of the world! If you will have a lawnmower in place, it will run over the zombie!

After a while things start to move fast. You might think that it is a piece of cake in the beginning, but soon after more zombies start coming at you faster and faster. I was doing pretty good, but eventually a zombie did reach my house! Nooo!!! Then I was presented with this startling message:


LOL! I must admit that it made me laugh. But no… having your brains eaten by zombies is never a good thing! How quickly they turned from just eating plants. At first I thought they were vegan zombies. 🙂

There are a lot of fun, unexpected aspects to the game. I even met my wacky, taco loving neighbor who lead me on another adventure in a time machine. Sound crazy? It is! And fun. Who knew that zombies had invaded Egypt, and that you can plant on stone! 🙂

As the game goes on you earn more plants and objects. If you are wondering what they are all about you can read about them in your almanac. It contains all the info you need to see what each plant, zombie, and other objects are capable of.

If you like games, you will love Plants vs. Zombies 2. I am now a fan! It will be fun to see show how many levels I can complete. It is a great distraction from work.  You can download Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android right now in the Google Play store! Using iOS? Not to worry, you can get it too. Just head on over to the App Store.

If you are in the Chicago area, you may want to join me for Plants vs. Zombies 2 invade Chicago coming up on November 9, 2013! Want in? Just ask!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of Popcap Games. All opinions are my own.