2018 EDIT: Ages ago, Samsung had an 8″ tablet called the Galaxy Note 8 because of it’s resemblance to the Galaxy Note phone series. This post is about that, not the new Galaxy Note 8 phone. Confusing, huh? They decided to recycle the name to keep us on our toes.

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There are a lot of tablets out there right now. One of my favorites is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It launched in Spring 2013 and sales have not slowed down. That is for very good reason. Not too long ago I received one from Staples for review. It fell right in line with my love of all things Samsung. At 8″ the screen is bigger than the many 7″ tablets out there, so you have more to love. And of course Samsung’s signature S-Pen makes note taking, drawing, and navigating easy and unique.

The specs are pretty awesome. And this means that there is no lag when using this tablet. The screen is incredible. Graphics look very smooth, movies look great, and the sound is awesome.

CARRIER Wi-Fi Only or Available from AT&T with 4G LTE
COLOR Marble White
OS Android™ 4.1, Jellybean (upgradeable to 4.2.2)
CAMERA Front-facing Camera: 1.3MP
CAMERA Rear-facing Camera: 5MP
BATTERY* Up to 8 hours
MEMORY Internal Memory: 2GB RAM & 16GB (with MicroSD slot)
DISPLAY Resolution: 1280 x 800 Pixel
DISPLAY Size: 8″


There is no question that I am absolutely in love with with device. The more I use it, the more things that I learn. Here are 8 tips and tricks for using your Galaxy Note 8. Some of these are my favorite features. I’m writing this because would be surprised how long some people will use a gadget such as this and still not know everything that they can do with it. It happens to be all the time.

1. Use Multi Window: A tablet that multitasks is a-ok with me. Have you ever wanted to read something while composing an email? Or perhaps you want to watch a video while browsing Facebook? Multi window lets you do just that. It is true multitasking on a tablet. If multi window is enabled you should see a tab on the left side of your screen. Don’t see it? Just hold the Back button at the bottom on your tablet until it shows up. You can hold it again to hide the tab. You can also edit the list of apps available for multitasking.


2. Draw on a Screenshot: As a tech blogger I very often taken screenshots of my phone or tablet to put in posts. Depending on the device, it can be hard to figure out how to do this. On the Galaxy Note 8 all you have to do it use your S Pen to get a screenshot. Just push the button and tap the screen. As an added bonus, once the screen shot is done you can use your S Pen to write or draw on the screenshot and save it.


3. Open a Pop-up Note: Have you ever been in an app and wanted to jot down a note? Instead of reaching for the paper, take out your S Pen, hold the button and double tap the screen. Voila! Post it note.


4. Easy Clip: Similar to taking a screenshot, easy clip allows you to take a screenshot…but you can pinpoint only one part of the screen. Just hold down your S Pen button while drawing a circle, square, or whatever shape you want around a portion of the screen. When you let go you are presented with some apps across the bottom to send the image to. Or, you can just let me copy to the clipboard and use it as you wish.


5. Use Voice Control: Voice control is an awesome way to get things done when you don’t feel like typing. With voice controls you can do things like take pictures with the sound of your voice, silence an alarm by saying snooze or stop, or control your music. Turn on Voice Control in Settings–>Voice Control (under System).

6. Setup Quick Commands: Quick Commands allow you to use your S Pen to quickly pull up apps and performs functions on your Note 8. For example, hold down the S pen button and draw a straight line up the screen. A pop-up box will prompt you to enter a Quick Command. This could be a @ to open email, a ? for weather, or many other functions that you can setup. Go to Settings–> S Pen–> Quick Command settings to create more.


7. Use Air View: Airview can help you preview content without opening the full message, photo, or more. Try it out by hovering your S Pen over content without touching it. Try it in the gallery, email, your calendar and more.

8. Draw a Picture: The S Pen is not just for productivity. It is also for fun and creativity. You can use your S Pen to draw and color. Then save your work and share.

These are just a few of the unique features that I love about the Galaxy Note 8 so I thought that i would share with tips with you. Of course it is still an awesome tablet for checking email, browsing social media, and watching movies.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available for $379.99 from Staples.com. It is available in black or white. While that price may seem a little high for an 8″ tablet, trust me… it is worth very penny.


Disclosure: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was provided to me for review by Staples. All opinions are my own.