BYZzjsxIAAEDL84It is also Thursday. 🙂 LOL! And being Thursday means that most of us are well into the week and looking forward to the weekend. But it seems like the work is never done. Whether you work a 9-5 job or work for yourself you have to get it done! And those of us that are entrepreneurs may feel like we sometimes work 24/7. Ugh. In either case working in your office should be easy right? Your technology should be there to help you, not make things harder. It can be easy with the right tools. Microsoft has declared November 7 as Get it Done day.  These days working on the go is very, very common. If you are armed with your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone you can get a lot done!

How do you multitask? What are some of your favorite tools? You probably have everything you need right in front of you and you may not even realize it. Many of us have used Microsoft Office for years. And some like me who worked in IT may have even supported those that use Office. But do you use it to it’s full advantage? You probably made a few spreadsheets in Excel, and we have all created Word documents, but there’s more. Office 365 has everything that you need to Get it Done, stay productive, and keep in touch while on the go.

The below infographic has some fun facts about how people work. The one about watching TV while working is totally me!


Here are a few tips to help you get started using Office 365 to Get it Done.

1. Keep Organized and Take Notes: It is hard to get anything done if you are not organized. Use OneNote to take and organize notes for anything and everything. You can organize work information, personal notes, wedding ideas, or even scan in important documents like your driver’s license or passport so that you always have an electronic version available.

2. Keep Your Data in the Cloud: With the number of devices that we carry these days we will never get anything done if our data sits on one computer at home. Using the Cloud will keep all of your documents with you at all times. You can access Microsoft SkyDrive from your computer, iPad, Android tablet or phone, or Windows Phone. Store your documents, spreadsheets and more so that they are always at your fingertips.

3. Work While on the Go: You no longer have to haul around a huge 4lb 17″ laptop everywhere you go to be able to work on the go. With the flurry of awesome convertible tablets, small form factor tablets, and smartphones out there you can work wherever you are. The new Office Mobile comes with everything that you need to access your documents that are stored on SkyDrive and to edit and create Microsoft Office documents without needing a computer.

4. Keep Your Photos Backed Up: We take a lot of photos. With almost every phone out there having a camera now there are no shortage of camera worthy events happening from day to day. But what do you do with those photos once you have them on your phone? You no longer need to worry about whether or not you will lose your photos if you lose your phone. With SkyDrive your Windows Phone can automatically save a copy of every photo that you take. And with syncing that means that by the time you get home those photos are automagically on your computer and ready to be edited and shared.

5. Collaborate with Your Team: Very often we work as part of a team. Microsoft Office makes this easy. You can use OneNote to collaborate on ideas then use the rest of Office 365 to act on them. keep all of your work backed up in SkyDrive in a shared folder that everyone on the team can access.

How do you get it all done and keep your life straight? If your workflow is not right chances are you are not getting much done. We all have our moments. But with a little help from the right technology and tools, we can be organized, efficient, and we can get it done!

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Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the compensated Office Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.