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internetThis post came at a time when I was thinking about this very thing. I just called my internet provider a couple of days ago to see if I could get a better deal than I currently have. A few bucks a month can add up over time.. It’s good to call your cable and telephone company every few months as well to see if there are any promotional packages that you can take advantage of. Also, the fact that so many people talk more on their cell phones now means that we should not be paying an arm and a leg for home phone service that we probably don’t even use all that much. The below guest post gives us some ideas on how to save money.


It can seem as if saving money these days is no less than impossible. Rising costs are things that Americans have come to simply get used to, for better or worse. This being said, many people don’t realize that they’re spending more on daily necessities than is necessary, and this is especially true for telephone and internet packages. Cell phones are, of course, more popular than ever before, but this isn’t to say that dedicated telephone lines (which, these days, are often bundled with Internet service) don’t still serve a purpose.

Keeping costs to a minimum is all about paying close attention to exactly what it is that you’re paying for and surveying whether or not your costs are necessitated. Here are just a few things to keep in mind that can help you to cut your monthly telephone/internet costs down, especially if you’re currently paying full price…

Don’t Fall for Extra Features

No matter what type of telephone/internet package you shop for, you’re bound to run into the option to either go with a basic package or choose one that comes along with extra features. Long distance capabilities, faster speeds etc. are just a few examples of things that can hike up your costs dramatically, but do you really need them?

Even “basic” packages offered by telecommunications companies tend to come bundled with things that you can save money by cutting. The best way to get back to basics is to speak to a customer service representative and make it clear that you’d like the absolute bare-bones package to meet your needs. Keep in mind that customer service reps are often encouraged to “up-sell” when on the phone with customers. Don’t buy into it–be strong!

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