I am not cooking today. I am in waiting mode. Waiting to eat. So I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my LittleTechGirl.com readers. I am SO thankful for you all. I am thankful for those that keep reading. I’m thanking for those that RT me, Pin me, G+ me, and all of that. :0) I am very thankful for all of the brands that have decided to work with me.

#ShopSmartGive (3)

When I started this I had NO idea that it would lead to this. I must say that I am feeling very blessed. Who knew that blogging could be what it is now. There used to a stereotype that bloggers were nerdy (well ok maybe I am) loners that didn’t have any friends. LOL. We were pictured as sitting in our rooms alone surrounded in screens typing away while watching Sci-Fi movies. Hmm….. actually maybe things haven’t changed that much. 😀

Seriously though, blogging is now a business. If you can make it at blogging (meaning that you do it to pay your bills) you have PROVEN your entrepreneurial spirit. No, things are not always perfect. There are setbacks, missed opps, missed trips, bad typos, and more. But mistakes can happen in any job. But there is a community of people out there that blog, people that read those blogs, and that support blogs… so we go on!


Have a awesome Thanksgiving full of food, fun, family, and good times.