I’m continuing with my recap of whirlwind events! As mentioned in a previous post I recently spent a few days in Los Angeles with Lenovo for a major product launch event. The launch of the new Yoga Tablet drew attention from all over. The event brought together some of LA’s finest YouTube influencers, tech journalists, bloggers, and even a couple of actors. I spotted Colin Ferguson from Haven and Eureka in the crowd. One of my favorites!


Ashton Kutcher, affectionately called Lenovo’s newest employee, was on hand to introduce us to the newest Lenovo tablet, the Yoga Tablet. We are already familiar with the Yoga 11s, which is an awesome convertible PC. But… if that is a bit too much for you, and you are looking for a low cost tablet, then definitely check out the new Yoga Tablet.

The event was held at the YouTube Studios in Los Angeles. The space was pretty awesome. I was told that this was the first event of it’s kind held there. The space is usually where YouTube creators produce original digital video content and get help with production and editing. As you can see below it was fancied up just for the Lenovo event.


It started with an explanation of just why Lenovo decided to release such a tablet. They really were looking for a #BetterWay. A better way to hold your tablet. A better way to watch movies on your tablet. And definitely, a better way to charge your tablet. We also heard about the impact that Lenovo has around the globe.

After the presentation and a performance by Hunter Hunted, we got our hands on some of the devices. Then I got handed my own Lenovo Yoga Tablet and a very nice white leather sleeve.  I received the Yoga Tablet 10, however, the Yoga Tablet also comes in an 8″ version, the Yoga Tablet 8.


I got it ready right away loading up apps and a couple of movies in my hotel room for use on the flight home. Stand Mode was awesome. If you have a tablet now, chances are that you purchased some type of case to prop it up to watch movies. And even then, it was tilted. The case on regular tablets is probably not secure. The slightest bump or shake and it falls over. The Yoga Tablet is made to be versatile. It was propped up on my tray table during my flight and stayed put. There were no problems with having to move the tablet around if and when the person in front of me adjusted their seat.

Now that I have spent a couple of weeks getting to know the Yoga Tablet, I am ready to share my thoughts. First, the tech goodies:


  • Android™ 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
  • MTK 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 10.1″ HD display with multitouch and IPS technology (1280×800)
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Optional Bluetooth keyboard
  • Stereo speakers with Dolby® Digital Plus enhancement
  • Up to 32GB storage and micro-SD support
  • Starting at 1.3 lbs

What I  Love

The Body – I love the look and feel of this tablet body. The metal is solid. It feels very well built. The unique design gets it noticed in a world of flat tablets hiding in cases.

The Battery Life – Lenovo lists the battery life as being up to 18 hours. And I swear that it does indeed come pretty close to that. Michele over at ScrapsofMyGeekLife.com did an awesome testing her’s for a full day. Check out her post and see how long the battery life on her Yoga Tablet 10 lasted when put to the test.

The 3 modes (Hold Mode, Stand Mode, Tilt Mode) – I admit that on first glance I did not think that the ergonomic hold was a big deal. But once I started using it, I could feel how it does help. The battery cylinder does make it quite comfortable to hold the tablet securely while talking. In Stand Mode, The “kickstand” props the tablet up perfectly for viewing. There is no need to add a case or additional kickstand or dock. It is build right in. And Tilt Mode allows very easy typing.



What Could be Better

The Icons – I have to say that if someone gave me a snapshot of just the screen without my being able to see which tablet it was, just based on the icons I would assume that I was looking at an off brand tablet. The icons just don’t have the same crisp, clear, colorful look that I’m used to on other tablets. Also, if an icon has a long name, instead of it wrapping to the next line it just cuts it off.

Creating Folders – I love being able to create folders on my home screen to organize apps. This function IS available on the Lenovo Tab, however it seems to be iffy. Doing it is simple. You hold down one icon, drag it over another, and you are presented with a new folder that you can then rename. At least that is the way that it should work. It has worked for me before. However, sometimes when I try (like just now), instead of a folder being created, the other icon just moves out of the way. This seems to be a glitch that can be fixed in a future OS update (hopefully).

Since receiving the tablet I will admit, my 7 year old sons have just about claimed this one for themselves. LOL. Well not really, but they do borrow it quite a bit. The battery life is great because they can watch Netflix, play games, or browse kid safe sites and they do not have to come to me and complain that the battery has run out like other tablets that we have.


The Yoga Tablet also came in VERY handy during a recent storm and tornado scare when our power went out. We were able to sit by the fireplace and watch Man of Steel which I had previously downloaded. It was the only gadget in the house that I was not worried about running our of juice.

So far so good with this tablet. As mentioned above there are a couple of improvements that I would like to see in the next version. However, at this price point people will be very happy with it. The Lenovo Yoga 10-Inch 16 GB Tablet is now available for $259.99 from Amazon.com.