You may remember my mentioning that the zombies were invading Chicago. Well if you had not heard, we survived!!! The Zombie Apocalypse was upon us, but we made it. YEAH! LOL. Seriously though… I hosted a super fun event for Plants vz. Zombies 2! We had a good turnout with lots of moms, dads, and kids. Oh… even a couple of grandparents came along! I came equipped with extra gadgets for those that needed to test out the game. I have heard that I helped spawn a few new PvZ2 addictions. 🙂

But I must tell you, when I arrived on the scene I almost panicked. The owner of the venue, The Bronzeville Community Clubhouse, was waiting to tell me that the whole block was without power. NOOOOO!!!!! I breathed a few times. But I kept thinking about the fact that this meant that I would not be able to use my projector for my presentation, there would be no music! And I had created one heck of a Zombie Party Playlist! And there would be no lights. Since Daylight Savings was over this would pose a serious problem when it got dark outside at around 4:30pm.  I decided that panicking would do no good. I proceeded to setup for the event anyway. The powers that be were with us and the power came on about 10 minutes before the party started. Whew!


With so many kids in attendance (I counted 30!) it was a bit chaotic at times. But, when they were playing PvZ2 they were focused!!

And then the Zombie was spotted! He arrived at our party via the nearby Chicago alley.


While most of our guests were happy to greet our friendly zombie there were one or two guests that were just not sure about his presence! (Off the record: One little beauty INSISTED on meeting Mr. Zombie once he removed his costume even though I assured her that it was just my fiance in there. She had to see for herself behind the scenes, or she was not going to have a good day. LOL!  She kept the secret. She just had to know!) He stayed for a while and took plenty of photos with the kids and the adults. He even did some zombie dancing.


Even I got attacked by the Zombie!


I gave a quick talk about the game and the concept, and a quick demo. I thought that I would have to give lessons on how to play, but no. I mean who am I kidding? Kids do not need to be taught how to play games! I passed out a few devices and they were all over it. They took off and figured out everything. I loved that the kids kept coming to show me the levels that they were on and how many zombies they had defeated. I got the nod from a few adults too letting me know that they were sure that they found a new addiction.


All of the kids had a great time. They each went home with their own Squash plush toys. I have now seen them popping up all over Instagram and Facebook. 🙂 There are a few watching me in my house too…


A few of the guests wrote about their experience at the party and about how they are now playing the game. You can check out their posts below:

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Fred, The Gadget Consultant

And there are a ton of photos on Instagram at #PvZAndroid. Plus tons of tweets!

There is no question that we had a great time. And I love hearing that my friends are actually still playing the game. 🙂 My kids and I play too.  Do you play? If so, let me know!


Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for PopCap. All opinions are my own.