If your household is anything like mine, no matter what games, toys, trucks, computers, or little flying men your kids have, they still come after your phone or tablet! My girls have their own, however my boys who are 7 head into my office every now and then and bat their eyelashes at me while asking “Can I play with one of your phones/tablets/games? (whichever they want at the time)” Well no more!

Enter PlayMG… think of it as a kid’s Android phone… without the phone. So it’s like an iPod Touch only Android. It is a WiFi Android App Gaming System. Yes, that is a mouthful. 🙂 It does everything that an Android phone can do except make calls. So this is perfect for young kids! There is no paying for data or calls. There is no worrying who they are texting. As long as they are on WiFi, they can browse and play games safely.


The PlayMG does not skimp on specs either. They are solid. It comes loaded up with quite a few games, but I also loaded up some of my kid’s favorites and took it for a spin. Unlike some other mini-tablets that I have tried with resource intensive games, it did not miss a beat. Since it is the size of a smartphone, it is a bit small. However, this is perfect for small hands and for fitting in little pockets. The chassis is very durable and the shape makes it easy to hold.

The Technical Stuff:

•  4” WVGA (480X800) Capacitive Touch Display
•  TCC8925 Cortex A5 processor at 1Ghz
•  Dimension: 66.1×146.8×11.9mm
•  1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB internal flash storage
•  1880mAh battery
•  WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
•  1.3MP front facing camera
•  Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
•  3.5 Stereo Headset jack
•  Micro SD card slot
•  Micro USB 2.0 HS
•  Gyroscope, Compass, Accelerometer

Since it is an Android device, it can access the Google Play store which gives you access to even more apps, games, music, and movies.
The only thing that I see this missing is a rear facing camera which would make it easier for kids to take photos. However, kids these days love selfies! It is well equipped for that with a front-facing 1.3mb camera.

And you don’t have to worry about storage being an issue. There is 4gb of internal flash memory. However, this PlayMG bundle comes with not only an 8gb Micro SD, but also a 16gb Micro SD card. So, there is plenty of space for downloading games and music. This PlayMG bundle comes with:

  • PlayMG
  • 8gb Micro SD card
  • 16gb Micro SD card
  • SpendSmart Prepaid Mastercard: This is optional for use, but it s for limiting app purchases. You get a bonus for signing up.
  • Premium USB Charger

The PlayMG will make any kid who loves to play with smartphones happy. And now…..

Win one!


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