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Yes, you read that right. Sprint and Best Buy have teamed up to offer students free cellphone service for one year through Sprint’s My Way Student Promotion. Why? Because all kids these days want phones. They all want new tech. And honestly, they should have them. People are busier than ever these days. With after-school activities, long commutes, and events happening from day to day families need to keep in touch. Having a phone on hand at all times makes us all feel safer. We have them in case of emergency. And we can get in touch with our friends and family if the need arises. And furthermore, students do not have a lot of cash. Being able to save the $50-$70/month fee and still have the reliability of a smartphone is incredible. This student mobile plan can save up to $840 over one year.

Now I have to say, I just ordered my girls phones for Christmas just a few days ago, and then I learned of this promotion. I think I may have to compare and then exercise my right to return those phones and go and get this deal!


What is a Best Buy Mobile Speciality Store?

A Best Buy Mobile Speciality Store is a much smaller scale version of Best Buy usually found in shopping malls. As the name would imply their specialty is mobile. There you can find phones and tablets from all major carriers plus a wide array of accessories to outfit your new mobile device. The staff on hand is equipped to help you set up a new line, upgrade an existing line, add a line to your account, or even trade-in your old, fully functional phone for a Best Buy gift card that can be used towards the purchase of your new device.

Check out the Best Buy website to locate a Mobile Speciality Store near you.


How Does Sprint’s My Way Student Promotion Work?

Students can head to a Best Buy Mobile Speciality Store and sign up for the promotion. All they will need in store is a verbal agreement that they are indeed a qualified student. As long as they purchase an approved smartphone (there is only one phone that Best Buy sells that is not eligible), then they will get one year of free unlimited talk and text plus one gig of data/month. And right now Samsung is offering the Galaxy S4 Mini for $349.99. This deal is good for a limited time, so act fast! This offer is only available through Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores, not on the Sprint website, or in Sprint stores.

Am I Eligible for the Student Promotion?

The answer to this is simple. If you are a student, you are eligible. The range is from grammar school through college. As long as you are in school, and you can prove it, you can take advantage of this promotion. Once you sign up in store, you have 14 days to log into the Sprint website and verify that you are a student using relevant documentation. This could be a tuition bill, report card, school ID, or anything else that shows that you are in school.


If you are a student looking for a great deal on a smartphone, or if you are looking to purchase a phone as a gift for a student you cannot beat this deal. Head on over to the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store website, locate a store, and go shopping! You can follow Best Buy Mobile on Twitter to keep up with news and upcoming deals.