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Are you still finishing up Christmas shopping? I am happy to say that I am done. I bought a lot. Christmas is the time of year when I enjoy spoiling my kids. I love seeing the joy on their faces when they open their gifts. And since they are MY children, they love their gadgets. They are very tech savvy. How do I decide what to get them? I listen and take mental notes when I hear my kids and fiance talking about things that they want. Or I watch when they covet things that I have. Even when they think that I’m not listening… I am!


However, it is not that easy for everyone. If you are having a hard time deciding what to purchase, Best Buy can help. They have created a Trending Gifts tool which lists popular gifts on Twitter and BestBuy.com. This is great because if you are not sure what the hot items are, it will let you know. The categories include computer accessories, cameras, fitness, tablets, laptops, TVs, games, phones, small appliances, and more.


I do shop online, but sometimes instant gratification is best! And of course there is something about being able to see and touch what you are purchasing. For that… I love shopping at Best Buy. I mean, what tech geek wouldn’t? The place is a huge candy store of just about every gadget that you can think of. Unfortunately, the store that was 10 minutes away from me closed not too long ago. That is probably a good thing for my pocket book. 🙂 However, there are still a few stores a short drive away. I have utilized the ability to buy my item online and then pick it up at the Best Buy pickup counter many, many times.

I actually visited Best Buy twice this week. After I learned of the Sprint Student Offer, I went down asap and took advantage of that deal. But I was so focused on getting those phones that I completely forgot about completing my requirements for this post. LOL! I thought about it later when I was home. 🙂 Of course I did not mind going back one bit. And yes, I did buy more stuff.  🙂

Below is my 2 day haul from Best Buy.


Yes, that is quite a lot. Below is what is included in my haul, plus a couple more ideas of great gifts.

1. A New Smartphone: The time had come to get my girls real phones. As mentioned above I took advantage of the Sprint Student Offer, and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for each of them. However, Best Buy has great deals on smartphones for all of the major carriers. They even offer warranty plans on many of the phones that they sell.


2. A Great Tablet: Everyone wants a tablet now. And they are really do make great gifts. The recipient can check emails, play games, listen to music, and watch movies on their own device. This eliminates fighting over the TV in the family room, and it keeps everyone happy. It is not pictured in my haul here, but we are solving this problem in my house this year as well. 🙂


3. A Television: I finally caved and got my boys a small TV for their room. This means that they can stay in their room and watch their favorite shows without subjecting me and their sisters to watching the same movie for the twelfth time. 🙂


4. Bargain Movies: Each year I add a few new DVDs to my kid’s movie library. It keeps family movie night fresh, and gives us new content for commuting. There were 2 huge bins of movies at the store. One of them was full of Blu-ray movies and the other full of DVDs. I got a few movies for the kids, and one for myself.


5. A Blu-ray/Media Player: In my home we subscribe to Netflix, and we love it. A Blu-ray player with streaming capabilities lets the gift receiver not only play their favorite disks, but find new movies or TV series to watch online. Many of the units also let you stream Pandora, access Hulu Plus, or YouTube.



These are the great gifts that I found at Best Buy. What would you buy? If you are still not sure you can still give the perfect gift! Give them a Best Buy Gift Card. If you do you just might win a daily prize! For every Best Buy gift card that you purchase valued at $25 or more you can scan your gift card in store, or enter the number online for a chance to win in the Give It Win It contest. This promotion is good now through December 24th.

Happy Shopping!