Although this post is a bit old, it’s still full of some awesome gift ideas from Gamestop. Happy shopping!


I recently hosted a lunch for Chicago area bloggers to learn a few things about Gamestop. There were 20 bloggers in attendance. We even had quite a few kids on hand. We were treated to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, I know. Yummm… 🙂 Everyone in attendance seemed to be very happy with their food. I was hosting and in a hurry so I ordered a salad, and basically ate while standing. Then I noticed all the yummy things others around me were eating. I will have to visit again soon. I need a food do over. LOL. 🙂


Chances are that you have heard of Gamestop. You may have even visited a store with your kids. There is something about passing it in a mall that makes kids and teens stop in their tracks and head in to check out their favorite video games. They love it because they can check out the latest games, and possibly even play them in store. We love it because we can get great deals on previously owned games that our kids are asking about. And once they are done playing with that game that they just had to have, we can head back to Gamestop and trade it in for the next must have game.

While attending the lunch we learned how to #NavigatetheHolidays with Gamestop. We got some facts that we did not know from Gamestop staff. For example, although I know there are a lot of stores around I had no idea that Gamestop is actually the largest multi-channel retailer of video games. And as mentioned above, we know that Gamestop buys back video games. But did you know that their Buy-Sell-Trade program also accepts electronics? You can trade in tablets, iPhones, iPads, and more. Or you can find a great deal on an electronic purchase.


Use the money that you receive for trading in an electronic device to pick up a new gaming system, or a few of the over 2,500 games that they offer for under $20. If you are a serial game buyer (I know you are out there), you might want to sign up for their PowerUp Rewards loyalty program which offers you benefits and the opportunity to earn points on your purchases.

We also had Suzanne Kantra from Techlicious on hand to share some tips on family gaming. For example, remember to check the ESRB ratings on games that you purchase for your children.


With Christmas literally right around the corner, you may still be picking up last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. Video games make great stocking stuffers. For one thing, they actually fit in the stocking. 🙂 And of course kids are always very happy to receive them.

Here are 5 last minute gift ideas from Gamestop for the little (or big) gamer in your house:

1. XBox One: If you are doing one big gift for Christmas, the XBox One a great choice. The latest generation of the Microsoft gaming system offers many enhanced features, including more streaming media options. This system is created to become the all-in-one media center in your home. You can access online content like Netflix, or Hulu, and even use it as a DVR to record.


2. Playstation 4: If Playstation is more your families flavor, then you will want the Playstation 4. Sony’s new system is the first in 3 years and was released to much hype from hardcore gamers. My son asked for one. I looked at him, smirked, and said “Umm.. you are 7. What do you know about a PS4?” LOL! Your teens are probably asking for it, and they know what they are talking about!

Kids playing PS4 at Gamestop

3. Skylanders SWAP Force or SuperChargers: I admit that I am only recently learning about the Skylanders series of games. Yes, I know… where have I been? 🙂 Kids all over are talking about this game. This unique system combines a video game with action figures to give kids (and adults) a unique way to play.


4. Preowned Games: If you have younger kids, they probably have no clue what the latest and greatest games are. They are just happy to have a few games to play. Choose 5 age appropriate pre-owned games using The Guide at the front of the store. The electronic system uses ESRB ratings to help you pick games that are ok for your child to play.


Once you find the right games, check out the Stocking Stuffers bin and choose a few games. Put those into your child’s stocking and they will be quite pleased.


5. A Gamestop Gift Card: If you want to leave it up to the recipient to choose their own game, purchase a Gamestop gift card! They can then visit any Gamestop store, browse around and make their own decision. Or, they can visit the Gamestop website and order online.



I had a great time at the event. I enjoyed learning more about Gamestop. I must say that I have a new appreciation for the store. I will probably pay a visit to the store soon and let my kids pick out a few games.


Disclosure: I was compensated to host this event and write this post. All opinions are my own.