Right now Apple is known to most of the world as creator’s of the most popular smartphone ever. The iPhone was introduced in 2007 and took the world by storm. Although some of us have moved away from the iPhone in favor of Android devices, just one browse of the internet or venture out to any event with a large group of people shows you that there is still a huge Apple iPhone fanbase out there. Apple fanboys and fangirls everywhere will be ready to beat you up if you say anything against their beloved iPhone.

But just how was Apple doing before the iPhone was introduced? You know, back when we called their product the “Apple Macintosh”. Sure they had a few successes, but there were also a few flops. The infographic below shows us Apple’s biggest failures. I remember a couple of these, but the others? They slipped right past me. Do you remember? Did you actually use any of them?

Apple Failures
Source: Masters-in Finance.org