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I have been a Sprint customer for about 2 years. One reason why I stick with them is because of the awesome truly unlimited plans.  Sprint is on the forefront. They are no strangers to innovation. In my opinion, Sprint is the carrier of the geeks. From upgrading site towers here in the Chicago area to offering the latest popular mobile devices, Sprint is doing more to equip geeks like me with technology innovations to stay connected.

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of one of the Sprint Cell Site towers of a hotel in downtown Chicago. I learned a lot about how while the size of the tower is shrinking, the network is expanding. Over the past year or more, Sprint has been busy upgrading the network all over the Chicago area. I have definitely noticed a difference when I am out and about. Some of the areas that used to be dead zones now allow me to talk on a call without issues. That was just the beginning. Just this month, it was announced that both the 3G and 4G LTE network upgrades in the Chicago area are largely complete. This adds Sprint Spark and a much more reliable 3G network. This is part of a huge campaign in which Sprint has been replacing equipment at over 38,000 cell sites all over the US. If you are roaming in Chicago, you may just spot a CTA bus covered in the Sprint ad announcing the new network.

Me on Top of the Chicago Hyatt checking out Sprint Cell Towers

Me on Top of the Chicago Hyatt checking out Sprint Cell Towers

Here are the top 5 things that make Sprint this geek’s carrier of choice, some that you may not even know of:

Sprint Spark™ LTE Network Rollout: Sprint is busy rolling out their new Sprint Spark, enhanced LTE in the US. Sprint Spark is the new super-fast LTE network capability, which means that customers can expect peak speeds of 50-60 Megabits per second (Mbps) today with increasing speed potential over time as more upgrades and rollouts occur. Sprint Spark tested at 1.3 Gbps in lab tests. Wow! I would take either one. 50-60Mbps on a smartphone??? Sign me up please! Check out the Sprint Faster website for more information.


Sprint Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion: I recently learned about Sprint’s collaboration with Best Buy to offer students a free one-year smartphone plan. This is unheard of. The Sprint Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion gives students ranging from grammar school through college the chance to save hundreds of dollars, but still have the latest smartphone. The offer includes unlimited talk and text, and 1gb of data with qualifying devices while on the Sprint network. Students can upgrade to unlimited data for only $10/month. This offer is available at Best Buy through January 4, 2014.


Excellent Customer Service: I have heard my share of stories about wireless carriers and their customer support. However, I must say that in the time I have been with Sprint, I have had nothing but great service. For example, just a few days ago, I ordered phones for my girls from the Sprint website. Right after I found out about the Sprint Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion (mentioned above) I decided that I would be crazy not to take advantage of it. As soon as the phones arrived at my house, I took them to the closest Sprint Store and explained why I wanted to return them without even opening the boxes. I was taken care of in minutes without a problem. Everyone in the store and on the support number are always super helpful. No complaints from me.

Sprint Has Unlimited Data: This is really what drew me to Sprint in the first place. At a time when other carriers were taking benefits away from their customers, Sprint was instead adjusting plans and making it better and more affordable for customers to have unlimited plans. I have the Unlimited My Way Plan which gives me unlimited talk, text, and data while on the Sprint Network. And believe me… I use it! I absolutely love not worrying about overages.


Sprint Offers the Latest and Greatest Devices: From the iPhone 5s to the Galaxy S4, Note 3, or even the new Galaxy Gear watch, Sprint offers all of the devices that we are talking about (and some of us are drooling over). Not too long ago, I upgraded my Galaxy Note 2 to the Galaxy Note 3 on the Sprint One Up plan. Switching was easy. They also have a wide range of tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which makes a great gift. You can get one right now for only $49 when you sign up for a 2gb data plan for only $15/month. Now that is a great deal.


These are the reasons why I am sticking with Sprint. I am confident that over the next year or so, the service is just going to get better and better and with affordable plans that lock in your unlimited service features for life, you cannot beat it.


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