Lenovo_dolockup_blk (1)I just returned from CES 2014 a few days ago. It was my 4th CES so far. I consider myself a bit of a vet now. However, I know someone who was attending his 26th CES. That is amazing! That show floor gets bigger and bigger every year. I can only imagine how interesting it must be to watch it grow.

The sheer size of the Las Vegas Convention Center is intimidating. CES spans all 3 huge buildings, plus there are usually tents setup outside in the parking lot. And many companies use space at the Venetian where there is another smaller convention space. The event really does take over Vegas. On the local Vegas news they said that the exhibit space was the equivalent of 35 football fields. Can you imagine what that looks like?? It is not an easy space to navigate! You need running shoes, water, a map, and a plan. LOL!

Because of this, I appreciate companies that make it easier for us to get a closer look at the products that they are showcasing. Trying to get near popular products at the convention center can be almost impossible sometimes. Lenovo understands this. Instead of having a booth at the convention center, Lenovo took over the AquaKnox. This has been their strategy over the past 5 years. This gives them a space that they do not have to share with other exhibitors. And less people in the way means more hands on time with the product for media.  I had already made plans to attend CES this year on my own, so I was very pleased when I was invited to intend with Lenovo as part of the Lenovo Influencer program. We got to speak with Lenovo experts about the company, the social aspect, and the new products.

Now, it was not all business. It is Vegas! There was some play. We started off the week with a getting to know you dinner followed by the Cirque du Soleil Beatles LOVE show. It was amazing. I marveled at how the performers do all that they do, with no nets! Lenovo also had partners on hand to party with us almost each night during CES. There were parties sponsored by Intel, Microsoft, and Social Media Club. There was even a performance by Kelly Roland of Destiny’s Child.

When not partying, I checked all there was to offer in terms of the new technology that Lenovo had on hand. Below are some of my favorites.

My Favorite Products From Lenovo Showcased at CES 2014

Yoga Tablet: I first told you about the Yoga Tablet a little over a month ago when I attended the launch in Los Angeles. The Yoga is still going strong. I took mine along on my trip to Vegas for watching movies on the plane. At one point during the flight I giggled, and almost made an in the air commercial. I was sitting and comfortably watching a movie on the Yoga Tablet in stand mode, while across from me a woman with an iPad on one of those flip cases was trying to watch a movie, but she could not prop her iPad up so she was awkwardly holding it up right in front of her face. LOL. The Yoga Tablet is available in 8″ and 10″ versions.


The Beacon Media Hub: The Lenovo Beacon is the answer to your home storage and streaming problems. The unit can hold two 3TB hard drives for a total of 6TB of storage. It can stream media to PC, Mac, and mobile simultaneously. Your mobile device can also act as a remote for navigating content. I will definitely be getting one of these to replace the many external hard drives in my home office.


The Miix 2: The Miix 2 is a convertible tablet. You can use it with the full function keyboard, or without. It runs Windows 8.1. The design is sleek and thin, and with a quad-core processor, up to 256gb SSD drive, and up to 8gb of RAM, it is a fully functional laptop. It is available in a 10″ and 11″ model.


ThinkVision Pro2840m 4K2K Monitor: When I first saw this monitor I gasped. At 28″ it is a beautiful sight. And being a 4K2K monitor the 3840 x 2160 resolution makes you think that you are watching a high-end super TV rather than looking at a computer monitor. The colors were super vibrant, bright, and crisp. I literally just stood there staring at it. I was told that prices start at $799. It looks worth it to me.


Horizon 2: You may remember that I reviewed the Lenovo IdeaCentre All in One Horizon 27″ Table PC last September. Lenovo has improved on that model and created the Horizon 2 which includes a thinner design and longer battery life. With a huge touch screen, joysticks, e-dice, and a striker, it provides tons of fun for family game time, or work time.


ThinkPad 8: There are a lot of Windows tablets out there now, however the Thinkpad 8 has one very unique feature not yet seen on a tablet. I love book style covers to protect my tablets, however when it comes time to take a pic it can be a bit annoying to maneuver with the case in the way. The Thinkpad 8 offers an optional quickshot cover with a corner that flips out of the way of the camera for taking quick photos. A magnet holds it in place, and out of your way. It also activates the camera app when flipped.

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet


These are just a few of the products that caught my eye. There were plenty more on hand definitely worthy of checking out. There were Lenovo smartphones (not yet available in the US), ThinkPad laptops, PC accessories, and even an Android desktop. Check out the Lenovo CES 2014 page to read about more highlights from the show. And stayed tuned to this blog for more reviews, tips, and news from #LenovoIN.


Disclosure: I was invited to Vegas for CES as part of my involvement in the Lenovo Influencer program. All opinions are my own.