Are you attached to your smartphone? Is it the first thing that you reach for on the way out of the house? I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that my smartphone is my life. I take it with me everywhere. I use it in my business. I text. I keep up with my kids. I use social media. And I even use it as my alarm clock. It keeps me connected. It helps me remember where I need to be and what I need to do. However, some of us remember when there were no smartphones, no cell phones, no flip phones, or no huge bag phones. I was recently telling my kids about when I was their age how I had no smartphone, tablet, or portable gaming system to keep me busy, or allow me to watch YouTube for half the day. They asked if I had a telephone at all. I said “Of course! I’m not that old.” LOL!

Luckily technology just keeps getting better and better. The evolution of the telephone has taken us from corded units with rotary dials to cordless phones in the home to tiny phones that fit in our pockets. Gone are the days that we need to find a pay phone to make a call. And remember telephone boxes? They actually served a purpose for a lot of people. They were not only there for Clark Kent to change clothes. LOL. Telephone boxes, or even wall mounted pay phones are now very hard to find. When I see one I actually feel that I have to say “Look! There’s a pay phone!” As a matter of fact, I was fascinated by this one on my recent trip to the Bahamas.


T posing for a pic in the telephone box

There are now many options available for phone service.  There are land lines, cell lines, and VOIP service. You can even make calls right from your computer.

And depending on your carrier you can combine services in a way that makes sense. Desktop units like the BoB2 from iiNet, available to users in Australia, combines broadband internet service, TV, and telephone in one unit. It even includes USB charging ports for your cell or mp3 player. That would save some space on my desk, and combine 3 confusing bills into one!

I honestly don’t use my home phone much anymore. However, I still like to keep one in the home for the kids. It is useful in emergencies. And they are always getting calls from their grandparents who love to hear about their day.

How do you feel about your home phone? Do you still have one? Do you use it?


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by iiNet. All opinions are my own.