social_mediaAs a small business owner and entrepreneur you quickly learn the importance of marketing yourself. Gone are the days of stapling posters all over the neighborhood. Thanks to the internet, marketing can now reach many potential customers via social media. On the other side as a blogger I have participated in many marketing campaigns for brands. Brands now realize that social media marketing can play an important part in their bottom line.

Marketing on social media with any kind of effectiveness is something that businesses must consider if they want to reach as many people as possible online. While a web page is a great way to draw in customers, there are more ways than opening a website to build a customer base and offer information. With social media marketing tools, every business can transform the way that their business is perceived, funded and shopped by the public. I have connected with quite a few brands and customers on both Twitter and Facebook, but the possibilities do not end there.

With a social media campaign, a business can change their market share and their audience simply through the wise use of social media posts and tactics. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest allow people to share the ideas of a business, or products that they enjoy with all of their friends. There are other websites where people can comment on the sales or marketing materials of a company and add their own take to help the business out. There are still other websites where the business can post videos and essentially make their own commercials with social media applications.

The best part of a social media campaign is that it can be tracked for the business by the firm that handles the campaign. The number of responses and the tenor of those responses can be measured by a marketing firm to find out what the most effective part of a campaign is. Also, the campaign can be managed by a marketing firm so that the company only has to sit back and see their clientele and profits increase.

The use of a social media campaign changes the way that businesses operate. With the help of a marketing firms and special social media tools, a business can get around many of the more expensive parts of advertising and go straight to the public with their new products, new services and marketing materials. There is no need to rely solely on print ads when the internet is in print all over the world. In fact, a social media marketing campaign can alter the perception of a company, increase their sales and do all of these things without the business having to do a thing. All of the marketing is done by a professional marketer that knows how to push social media buttons.

There are 5 quick things to remember if using social media to market your business:

  1. Advertise: Post links to your website, blog posts, or specials that your business is running. Host giveaways to bring readers to your site.
  2. Engage: Be careful not to just post link after link, or ad after ad. Make sure to engage your social media followers and friends. Talk back to them, answer questions, and participate in chats.
  3. Share: RT or share other’s content. It will bring more eyes to your own content and show that you value your followers.
  4. Track: If working on a campaign for your business, use tools to track engagement. Take a snapshot of your reach before the campaign, and another one after. You will be able to see if the campaign made a difference.
  5. Profit: This was the whole point right? Of course profit may not come immediately. However, once you are in the minds of your followers they will remember your business when the time comes to purchase.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Orange Soda. All opinions are my own.