lenovo tablet donationAs part of the Lenovo Influencers program I was recently asked to donate an 8″ Lenovo Yoga tablet to a charity of my choice. I love being able to use my influence for good. And I love to help people. I wanted to be sure to donate to someone that I knew, or for a good cause, and not just a random charity. Then it came to me… I would donate it to my kid’s school. They are doing a great job of getting our children ready for high school and college. Many of the students there are brilliant and well-deserving of a nice gift.

The 8″ Lenovo tablet is the perfect size for a child. It is not too big, so small hands can grip it, and it will fit in their bag for a trip to Grandma’s house. The tough design and long battery life is perfect for children who love to play games and watch movies.

Because of my jobs my kids have always been lucky enough to have some of the latest gadgets, games, and toys. However, many of the children in their school come from low income families. Many of them do not have access to the latest gadgets and computers. They can use the tablet to help with school work. And of course they can use it when taking a break from work for some play time.

Since the school goes up to 5th grade I decided to ask them to award the tablet to a top 5th grade student as a graduation gift at the end of this school year.

When I told my girls my idea they said “Well make sure that they don’t give it right back to us. It will just end up back where it came from!” LOL! And they do have a point. They are among the top students in the school. But I’m sure the administration will award it to another worthy student. I’m sure even my girls have some ideas! I know and love many of their friends. They are all great kids.

I awarded the tablet first to the Asst. Principal who called in one of the 5th grade teachers to accept it on behalf of the grade. I cannot wait to hear who the lucky student will be!



Disclosure: I received this tablet to award to a charity of my choice as part pf my involvement in the Lenovo Influencer program.