mothers_dayI have a bad habit of letting some holidays sneak up on me. I am pretty good about Christmas now, but others? Not so much. I think about them, remind myself that they are coming, but then I still somehow end up waiting until the last minute to get gifts. Mother’s Day is one of those holidays.

And although I am a tech geek at heart and I usually prefer to receive gadgets for every occasion, I do love jewelry. Who doesn’t appreciate a good gift of jewelry? The below guest post gives you some ideas on what to have ready for Mom when her big day rolls around.

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be tough, especially if you are blessed with one of those moms who is hard to buy for. Finding just the right gift can be a challenge for every member of the family, but you can’t go wrong with classic personalized jewelry. Just consider these shopping options for everyone in the household.



Gifts from the Kids

Mother’s Day is a special time of day for children, from the youngest toddlers to adults with kids of their own. Finding the perfect gift for Mom can be difficult, but you can’t go wrong with a stunning piece of jewelry.

A beautiful personalized Mother’s Day bracelet, pendant necklace or ring is the perfect fit for a son or daughter to give the person who gave them life. These wonderful gifts can be made even more special by personalizing them with a birthstone. No matter which gift you choose, your mother is sure to treasure it for the rest of her life.

Gifts from Dad

Mother’s Day is a special time for Dad as well, but many husbands are unsure how to treat the holiday or what to buy. You can never go wrong with a diamond ring, and it is hard to beat the timeless beauty of such a piece. A diamond ring says “I Love You” like nothing else, and men everywhere can treat the special ladies in their lives to a wonderful piece of jewelry on Mother’s Day.

A pair of diamond earrings is another great choice for Dad to give. If you are looking for a truly special gift for your wife, it is hard to beat a pair of stunning diamond earrings engraved with a special “I Love You.”

Gifts from the Whole Family

Sometimes the best gifts come from the whole family. Getting together on a gift is a great way to bring the entire family together and get Mom a gift she will treasure forever. A personalized pendant necklace is one such gift.

It is the personalization that sets this type of pendant aside from other types of necklaces. Every member of the family adds their name, and their birthstone, to the pendant. The end result is an intensely personal and intensely beautiful piece of fine jewelry. This is the perfect gift for large families, or for any family seeking a perfect gift for the special lady in their lives.

If a pendant is not Mom’s style, consider a personalized bracelet adorned with the names and birthstones of the kids. A bracelet is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry – able to go from the tennis court to the office without missing a beat. When you give this great gift, your mom will smile every time she looks at her wrist and sees the names of her kids smiling back at her.