Audio Fest 1Everyone loves music. Music makes us feel good. It makes us happy. And it makes some of us dance. Some of us even use our talents to create music. I don’t have much talent in that area. LOL! But I’m lucky enough to know some people that do. But just because I don’t have musical talent (actually I can sing some…. no really I can!) does not mean that I don’t enjoy music.

And now Best Buy is celebrating music lovers with the Best Buy Audio Fest going on in Best Buy stores now through April 4, 2014. Sadly, the Best Buy that was only 10 minutes from my house  closed back in 2012. This is probably good for my pocket book since I spent a lot of time in there. 🙂 However, I am going to head to the next closest store to check on what deals are being offered for Audio Fest. Each week there are different offers. You are bound to find something that you like! I mean, it’s Best Buy! There is always something good at Best Buy. 🙂





Here are the deals being offered by week:

Week of  3/9:

  • 2x points on Sonos Home Theater
  • All AVRs on Sale
  • All iPod touch on sale
  • Save $80 on Samsung Blu-ray/Soundbar Bundle

Week of  3/16:

  • 2x points on all speakers
  • BDi Furniture (3/7 – 3/23) Save $200 on any Home Theater Cabinet
  • All-on-sale Car Audio Speakers + 50% off speaker installation
  • $50 Savings on Sony MDR10 Headphones

Week of 3/23:

  • Save 25% on all Sennheiser HD 500 Series Headphones
  • All Logitech Computer Headsets on Sale
  • Save $50 – $150 on Select Energy audio products (3/9-4/5)

Week of 3/30:

  • All Insignia Computer Speakers on Sale
  • Save $100-$200 on select Definitive Technology Floor Speakers (3/23-4/5)
  • Save $50 – $150 on Select Energy audio products (3/9-4/5)
  • Save $150 – $300 on Select Jamo Speakers

During Audio Fest you can visit a Best Buy store to try out the latest and greatest in audio. I know that I have my eye on a few things. I really need a new entertainment center for my family room so I have my eye on the BDI Furniture. I could also use some new floor speakers. In fact I could totally revamp my setup! See, that’s why Best Buy is dangerous. You too can come in and learn how to upgrade your entertainment system, or just grab some portable tunes.

In honor of Audio Fest I’m trying out the JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker. There are many portable speakers on the market, but if you are going to get one why not get one by one of the top names in the audio space, JBL by Harman? The speaker is small enough to fit in a backpack but offers full rich sound. Stay tuned to this blog for a full review! jbl_speaker copy   Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.