absolute-lojack-devicesDid you know that a laptop is stolen every 50 seconds? That is a lot! Have you ever been the victim of a theft? Unfortunately I have… on more than one occasion. I have had my home burglarized while I was in the hospital being treated for preterm labor while pregnant with my twin girls. Cruel, right? We had quite a few things stolen including my late father’s gold retirement watch. On another occasion I had my work office burglarized. That time my work laptop was stolen. It was perfectly timed too. I usually took my laptop home with me. That was one of a handful of days that I actually left it in the office. My office was on the ground floor and someone broke the window and crawled in. It was quite traumatic. I have also had experience helping a friend and fellow blogger, Jessica aka That Tech Chick recover her stolen laptop when someone broke into her home down in Texas. You can read all about those adventures in the post Don’t Lie. Don’t Cheat. Don’t Steal. Don’t Mess with Tech Chicks. Most recently my daughter had her phone stolen at school. After some texting, calling, and threatening, the thief (an 11 year old girl) returned the phone to the school.

In all of those cases having some type of dedicated tracking and recovery software would have made getting those items back a lot easier. Now, I think a lot about being proactive and protecting my gadgets. I mean people get their devices taken every day. How often do they get them back? Without a means to track, not very often.

That’s where Absolute Software comes in. Absolute LoJack is a complete device protection service that not only protects your data, but the included theft recovery solutions will help recover your device if stolen. It also includes tools to remotely lock and wipe your device.



For the next 48 hours I will be testing how losing a favorite device affects my day by going #DigitallyDark. (Click that link for a special offer on Absolute Lojack for your own device!) I’m going to *lose* my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I am usually extremely attached to that beautiful piece of equipment. I use it several times a day, every day! It is my favorite go to device when it comes to checking email, browsing social media, and sometimes watching movies.

I will be journaling my experience without my Note 10.1 to share with you. And I’ll have more details on how Absolute LoJack can help you protect your devices.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Absolute LoJack. All opinions are my own.