absolute-lojack-devicesA little over a week ago I told you that for 48 hours I was Going Digitally Dark with Absolute LoJack. This meant that I went without my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet for 2 full days. The purpose of this torturous experiment was to mimic the device being stolen. Even though I have other gadgets, that is the one that I reach for most, second only to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone which is always on me, so I missed it.

There were several things that I tried to do which caused me to reach for my Note 10.1.

1. Signing a Contract: I don’t do paper contracts. I use DocuSign Ink to sign them and send them off electronically using my Note tablet. Since I could not reach for it I had to find an alternative solution for filling out the contract and sending it off.

2. Playing Games: The huge, bright, lovely screen of the 10.1 is perfect for game play during down time, or when I’m feeling overwhelmed. But since I did not have it I had to reach for something else during my wind down time to clear my mind.

3. Pinterest: I’ve been trying to do more with Pinterest for my business. The huge screen of the 10.1 is awesome for browsing and swiping through boards, etc. I had to opt for a smaller screen. Hmph!

4. Hootsuite: I often use my tablet to read, RT, and schedule posts from the bed or couch. Again… the large screen is perfect for navigating. However since it was not there I had to get up from my comfy spot and get my laptop to do so.

I’m lucky in that I have other options available to me when it comes to devices. However, just imagine someone that gets their only laptop, only tablet, or only smartphone stolen. Their world can be turned upside down by the loss of their device, data, and their lifeline to others, not to mention the monetary loss.

Absolute LoJack can help. Stay tuned for a full review of the service and a giveaway of Absolute Lojack subscriptions for my readers!

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Absolute LoJack. All opinions are my own.