Being a mom is a tough job! So much to do. So much to remember. So little sleep! But of course it’s all worth it for the joy of raising a child.

Some say that being a stay-at-home mom can sometimes be the most stressful job of all, but with the continued advancement of technology, particularly with the evolution of the telephone it doesn’t have to be. The rise of the smartphone has allowed you to do anything, from ordering your groceries to organizing a play date for your child, the app stores have something for everyone.

We take a look at five apps every Mom should download to their mobile device.

Cozi: I have told you about Cozi before, and for good reason. It is a great tool for any family. The chaos of family life can often be incredibly confusing. Pick him up. Drop her off. Make sure you call at this time. Cozi keeps track of everything from school schedules to even organizing grocery lists and chores.

It’s featured on TV shows and received widespread praise from the media. Why hang to-dos on your fridge when they can follow you round in your pocket?

Bingo!: Of course there always has to be room for downtime. Bingo! is one of the most popular games on the market, with more cards, more rooms and a great range of fun themes that help replicate the action of the bingo hall, even if you are stuck in the house.

Brush up on the lingo at butlersbingo and even have a practice game or two before you get ready to experience bingo at its best from the palm of your hand.

Ziplist: Sick of losing your shopping list? Or simply need a system to plan your meals properly? Then Ziplist is certainly for you. You can create your own weekly plan, organize your shopping list, and even get money-saving coupons all in one easy-to-use, stylish app.

Not only that, but if the family craves something different, Ziplist also has a great recipe finder.

Mom Maps: Mom Maps is the font of all knowledge. Whether you’re searching for a child-friendly restaurant or a park to spend a family afternoon on bicycles it can help you find it. The free app has more than 28,000 locations for you to enjoy, including photographs, directions, and reviews posted by parent bloggers, so you’ve always got an opinion that can be trusted.

Intuition+: Another great app for organizing, Intuition+ allows you to do everything in pretty much one, easy-to-use app. But perhaps the jewel in this app’s crown is the ability to seek advice from other moms, creating a little community where helpful tips can be shared.

You can sync all your notes to your Google calendar, and the ‘Personal Assistant’ tool offers motivational messages and advice to keep you going all day.

These are just a few of the apps that may you useful to moms. What are some of your favorites?