I have touted the importance of multiple screens before. When working I generally have 2 computers going for work and one for entertainment. I use my HP desktop computer with 3 screens attached, my Macbook Pro, and my HP Envy 23 All-in-One. Overkill? Not at all! I feel extra productive being able to spin in my chair from one computer to the other working on multiple projects. I work better that way. And I have to stay entertained. I find that I have to have either music or a show on while working. Otherwise my mind wanders and I get distracted. Weird? Probably!

I also use multiple screens to stay connected and follow my favorite things. In fact, I’m like that commercial with Mark Cuban. He is watching NCAA March Madness on TV. The doorbell keeps ringing so he walks back and forth with his tablet, never missing a thing. I totally do that! My poor iPad has kind of been reduced to a kitchen TV!  I have it mounted in a Radio/Media dock under my cabinet. If it I am watching something upstairs and I realize that it is time to cook I pause it upstairs, then continue watching in the kitchen from my iPad. I love being able to do that!

March Madness is definitely the time to embrace multiple screens. There is always so much going! So many games, so many teams to follow, and so many scores to keep up with. Use what you have! Don’t miss out on keeping track of your brackets.

Of course my own personal favorite way to stay connected is my cell phone. I take it with me everywhere! I am constantly on the go. And the awesome 5.5″ screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 helps me keep up with news, social media, email, and more.

Best Buy wants to know how you catch it all. What is your favorite device to stay connected?


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