Memories of last December’s 5th grade science fair still haunt me. I spent hours talking to my girls about what they think is interesting enough to be an experiment. There was time spent researching things on the web. And then the time spent actually doing the experiment, documenting results, creating a presentation board, and writing the required report to go with it. It can all be a lot to deal with in addition to completing regular homework. But we got it done! For the 2nd year in a row one of my daughters was near in top in science fair rankings. Last year she came in 2nd place in her school and got to go to the district finals!

Luckily besides web research and YouTube there are plenty of great TV shows out there to inspire interest in science and even help us come up with some ideas. If you checked my DVR you would see recordings for How Stuff Works, How’d They Do That, and Mythbusters thrown in among the cartoon recordings. I love that my kids have an interest in science. They actually watch more educational programming than cartoons! And they love field trips to the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago. Yes, they are brilliant little minds! 🙂

Besides filling up my DVR, they are Netflix junkies just like their mother! We all spend a lot of time on Netflix. And yes, they have discovered that some of their favorite science shows are on Netflix. Here are 5 great science related shows to help your kid’s embrace science.

1. How the Universe Works: Strangely my girls don’t much like the space shows. However my boys get mesmerized by this one if they walk in the room. So, this one is on the list for me. I love this show. I love hearing theories about how the world was created, what’s out there in space, and possible encounters. It’s the nerd in me. 🙂


2. Mythbusters: The Mythbusters team has the coolest job in the world. They spend their time setting up science experiments. They get to blow things up, crash cars, throw things off buildings, and ride roller coasters… all in the name of science.


3. Jimmy Neutron: This is a fun show. I watch quite often with my kids. Jimmy is a boy genius. He spends his time traveling through space, inventing things, and exploring.


4. The Magic School Bus: This is one of my kid’s latest obsessions. My 7 year old recently discovered it on Netflix. This one is about a classroom full of kids with the coolest teacher ever. She takes them on field trips in her magic school bus. They often explore the world of animals and insects by shrinking themselves down or becoming the animal themselves. It’s a great fun, educational program. I admit that I like watching it too. As I type this the theme song is going through my head…


5.  Wild Kratts: Chris and Martin Kratt take kids on an adventure to explore incredible wild animals while learning science. They travel to different animal habitats around the globe and teach kids about all the animals in a fun way.


These are just a few of our favorite science related shows on Netflix. There are endless shows to choose from. Happy learning!

Want to see more recommendations on other great kid’s programming? Check the #NetflixKids hashtag on Twitter.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Netflix. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.