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For those of us who have been blogging for a while we may have years’ worth of great posts in our archives that have collected dust. Every now and then one of them may get a hit from Google or Bing, but for the most part those posts sit there collecting dust because no one is browsing back through the archives to read them.

Many of these posts may have been written before the invention of Pinterest, the popularity of Stumbleupon, or even before Twitter hashtags became a great way to find and share relevant posts.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can bring new life to old posts with a few tricks. Here are 12 tips.


Make the Title More SEO friendly

Knowing what we know now about SEO and title placement, look through your old posts and see if there are titles that could be rearranged to be a bit more appealing. Also, titles longer than 70 characters will likely be truncated, so make sure that the titles are under 70 characters, or that the most important info is at the front of the title. You may be wondering… will this mess up the SEO on this post? No. In fact it may improve your SEO. This will not change the permalink on your post, only the title that shows up. And Google is constantly crawling, so it will pick up the new information very quickly.

Create a Pinterest Hero Image and Pin it

You may have many posts written before WordPress implemented the Featured Image. Or, the post may be been written before we learned the value of breaking up posts with pretty photos. Pinterest has become a great way for many bloggers to get traffic to their sites. In Creating Pinterest Worthy Content I gave you some tips on making sure that your blog posts will stand out on Pinterest. You do not have to apply these concepts to new posts only. Designate a little time each week to browse through some of your older posts. Which ones would do well on Pinterest? Fix them up, create a pin ready image, and pin them. If you belong to a pinning group, include a link to an older post on the daily list so that the post will be put into rotation again. It is also a great idea to create a board just for posts from your own blog.

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