I have mentioned before that I love my kitchen gadgets as much as I love my computer gadgets. I have a rotisserie, a waffle maker, coffee maker, pancake maker, panini maker, and the list goes on. But by far my favorite kitchen gadget to use is my Blendtec Designer 725 blender! It gets used all the time. I make smoothies at least 2-3 times a week. I was using a lower powered blender until I confiscated my sweetie’s Ninja blender. 🙂 That thing just pulverizes everything! It does not leave one chunk like my old blender. It has super-powered my smoothie making.


So, back to the smoothies… A smoothie is a great way to get in a full serving (or more) of your daily intake of fruits and veggies. And as we should all know by now we need our fruits and veggies to grow up big and strong, right? That is what I tell my kids. Smoothies are a great way to get those veggies into your kids. Hide them in with delicious fruit! 🙂

Some of my favorite ingredients to use are bananas, strawberries, raspberries, ginger, pineapples, kale, and spinach. I also love to use blackberries, but I don’t use them as much because they are very seedy. I don’t like the feeling of having to spit while drinking my smoothie. LOL. When I do use them, I sometimes run the smoothie through a strainer before I drink it. Sometimes I put all of those ingredients in together, and it is DELICIOUS!

If you are looking for some awesome smoothie recipes, check out Pinterest! There are plenty of great smoothie ideas. I browsed through and found 12 recipes that sound like they would please my taste-buds. I have always had more of a tart/sour tooth than a sweet tooth, so I do not like very sweet smoothies. For this reason I don’t like very many protein powders because they tend to taste too sugary. So, the above recipes are some that sound good either as is, or with a little modification!