I almost cannot believe that I am typing this, but today is my 40th birthday. 40!!! 40?!?!? Yes, 40! Where the heck has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school! It is amazing and a bit scary just how quickly time passes. Suddenly here I am… 40 years old. I have 4 kids. (Sometimes I still have a hard time believing that I’m someone’s mother!) I have a house. I drive a minivan. I have bills. I own a business. I’m grown!! Like really grown. LOL! When and how did this happen?

I attended 2 parties in the past couple of weeks for 2 high school friends turning 40. I have to say that I love my high school friends. Many of us have pretty much kept in touch since high school. Others of us reconnected in the past 7 years or so thanks to reunions and the magic of Facebook.

2014-04-11 22.10.19

But when we get together except for the talk of work, kids, or spouses, it’s like we are all still big kids at heart. We are accountants, police officers, mortgage brokers, firemen, psychologists, and even pastors. Yep. We are grown. We talked about how when we were younger 40 seemed old. People that we knew who were 40 looked older than we do now. We decided that we are a damn good looking generation of 40 year olds. 🙂

2014-04-13 01.34.37

One friend even got carded trying to enter the bar for a party because the security guard did not think that she looked 25. Nothing wrong with that!

It’s funny. I hadn’t really thought of myself as “almost being 40” until I thought about all my friends turning 40 and then I go “Holy Cow! We are 40!!” However, given the state of how I feel I’ve decided that I’m totally ok with it! I’m still blessed with good health. Some have not been so lucky. We have lost a handful of friends from our class over the past few years with the most recent being just 3 months ago (RIP Fallen Dolphins!). So I am very thankful to be 40! Sure, I think I do notice a few new aches every now and then. But I have to wonder if they are in my mind just because I know how old I am. LOL!

In any case I’m determined to be the best 40 that I can be. As I said on my Instagram post of the below pic, “We are ready for you 40. Bring it on!”