The main complaint that most people have about their smartphones is the bill. They love their phones. They love the function. But they don’t love paying that high bill. And a lot of people are like me. I use my phone more for data than talking. There are less than a handful of people who I actually talk to on the phone. But I am constantly emailing or on social media even when out. However, I spent a lot of time at home. And if I am at an event, meeting, or such there is usually WiFi available, so that saves on the need for a data connection. Scratch Wireless asked me to test out their service. I received a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE phone to try out the service. I was already a fan of the Photon Q having tried it a while ago on behalf of Motorola for my Wine, Tech, & Cheese Event. It is a great phone. The 4.3″ screen is great. And it has the added benefit of having both a touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard for those who still love the feel of a physical keyboard.


With Scratch Wireless the device is different. Instead of buying the Photon Q on a 2 year plan and paying a monthly charge, it works like this…

How It Works

  • You buy the device. There is no contract to sign. Right now they offer the Motorola Photon Q.
  • You use the device for data and voice everywhere you can get WiFi.
  • You text for free from wherever you are. Texting is ALWAYS free. That is pretty cool.
  • If you need data or voice while out, you purchase a pass right on the device (see prices below).


  • The Motorola Photon Q is sold for $269.
  • Voice passes are only $1.99 for 30 minutes of talk time or $14.99 for 250 minutes of talk time. That is not bad. It is great to keep that on hand in case of emergencies.
  • Data passes are $1.99 for 25mb of data or $14.99 for 200mb of data.


I see nothing wrong with this model! WiFi is available in so many places now… stores, restaurants, hotels, event venues, and more. Anywhere that you have access to WiFi, you can make calls for free. And of course data is always free over WiFi. And texting is always free. Scratch Wireless calls this Wi-Fi FirstSM. If no WiFi is available your phone connects to the Sprint Network. And best of all, there is no contract to sign! If you are looking for reasonable phone service for yourself, as a business line, or for a family member do check out Scratch Wireless.


Disclosure: Scratch Wireless provided me with the Motorola Photon Q in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.