Continuing in my series of posts about kitchen and cooking gadgets today I want to talk about the BBQ grill! Before the weather even breaks I think about grilling. In my opinion, grilling is the best way to cook during the summer! You don’t have to heat up the kitchen. You can get outside, set up the deck umbrella, let the kids play, and enjoy the weather while you cook. And of course, there is the bonus of the taste of the food. Yum!

In the winter I gazed out at my grill covered in snow and wished that I could get out there, clean it off and grill.


However, my deck had about 2 feet of snow piled on it, so I decided not to. Well, that and the fact that it was cold as heck outside. LOL! But, I absolutely love a good meal of grilled meat. As a matter of fact, just recently on Easter Sunday instead of the traditional Easter dinner, I decided to grill!


Yes, that’s right. We had an awesome meal! And I joked that I started an awesome new technique. It’s called “Almost burn down the house.” LOL! We had 2 grills going. I have a huge, fancy gas grill, and a nice, round charcoal grill. After heating up the gas grill and putting on the beef ribs, the fire got going almost too good! We had to douse the grill with water to get it to calm down! ย The ribs and steaks got good and char-broiled! But you know what? The whole family agreed that it was the best BBQ that we ever had. LOL! I guess what they say is true, you have to sear your meat well first to seal in the flavor and moisture. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take note. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was too busy putting out the fire so I did not take pictures of the super charred meat.

I am looking forward to many more grilling sessions here at home, or on the go. Sometimes we pack up the smaller grill and take it with us to festivals in the park. It is much better than grilling at home and packing it up! The on the spot fresh grilled flavor cannot be beat.

As mentioned I have 2 grills, a gas grill, and a charcoal grill. And I often grill with hickory or mesquite wood chips for extra flavor. I love to grill ribs, burgers, chicken, fish, corn, potatoes, veggies, and much more. What is your favorite thing to grill?

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