One of the things that I struggle with is incorporating more video into my blogging and marketing. I do like making videos, however a lot goes into making them great. I envy the people who are just naturally camera ready! They roll out of bed and grab the camera, or they make a video any time, any place and they look great! Me? Not so much! I have to put on makeup, comb my hair, clean up my office, and then edit. 🙂 But it’s usually worth it. There are several reason why video is important. People are visually stimulated now more then ever. YouTube is one of the most (if not the most) popular websites out there. Videos can go viral within hours. And a good video can provide hits and advertising for you for a long, long time. Video is very important for your business. Read below to learn more.

video_marketing  Click Play. Reply. Share. Long gone are the days when the only videos being made by companies were TV ads. When you’re talking Web 2.0, you need to understand that content is king… and video content is the type of king not even George R.R. Martin could kill off. However, you do need to be careful not to release just any videos – these should be well-made and strategically planned (for the best results from video marketing, it’s usually a good idea to enlist the help of a professional creative agency like 4040 Creative). Below are five reasons that no contemporary digital marketing strategy is complete without a video or two (or 10).

1. Videos Go Viral

Every marketer’s dream is to have one of their video campaigns become an overnight hit on YouTube, raking in thousands – or even millions – of views, just from people hitting that share button and posting about the video on their various social media profiles. This kind of virality simply isn’t matched by platforms of more static mediums (i.e. images and written content).

2. Browsers Get Bored

Particularly if you’re targeting younger demographics, the fact is that attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Web browsers want their information and entertainment delivered in tight and attractive packages. Consider a cosmetics company wanting to demonstrate the best way to apply their new eyeliner… a woman searching for tips on applying makeup is going to choose to watch a demo over reading a step-by-step guide… every time.

3. Movement is Memorable

Motion catches attention. This is true in just about every situation in life but is particularly evident in the realm of digital marketing. In an environment full of speedy scrolling and quick clicking, videos are more likely than anything else to actually catch the attention of browsers, particularly since they appeal to the ears as well as eyes. Companies that don’t have the budget for videos can still take advantage of the benefits of movement by creating GIFs instead (if you want verification that GIFs are powerful, just ask the creators of Tumblr).

4. Videos are Valued

When a viewer watches one of your company’s videos, they usually understand the kind of effort and resources that would have been necessary to create the video. This creates a positive impression of your brand – people will realise that you care enough about your industry and customers to invest in quality content. This is particularly true if your videos are more focused on providing genuine advice or entertainment, rather than being a more traditional ‘advertisement.’

5. Film Creates Feeling

Video content, more than any other kind of content, has the ability to evoke emotions from your viewers. The type of emotions you want to produce will depend entirely on your company and overall marketing strategy but, regardless, videos are the best way to go if your marketing success is reliant on making your audience feel something (and, let’s face it, most marketing is). If your digital marketing strategy is currently lacking videos, you seriously need to consider adding them into the mix. They can be costly and they do require time and effort, but the rewards are completely worthwhile if you use your video content correctly.