I don’t believe in paying a lot for glasses. I need my glasses to see, but I also think of them as a fashion accessory. I own about 5 pair. Why? Because I know how to get a great deal! And I love to change up my glasses with my look. I alternate wearing each pair to match my mood and my outfits. If you want to save on your glasses, the next time you get your eyes checked ask for a copy of your prescription. You should also ask for your PD (Pupillary Distance). This is the distance between your pupils. It is a number used to size your glasses.

Of course when you get your eyes checked you have the opportunity to buy glasses there. And if you are using your insurance and get a good deal, then by all means you should. However, if you are paying out of pocket for glasses, or you just want to find some more fashionable ones to switch up your look then you can order online. It is always great to have a backup pair of glasses anyway. This is especially true of children! They can be rough on their glasses.

You may wonder how you can order eyeglasses without trying them on. Each of the sites below includes a frame fitting tool. You upload your photo and you can see how the glasses will look. Neat, huh?


Firmoo Try-on Tool

 4 Great Places to Buy Glasses Online

1. Zenni Optical: I am a repeat Zenni Customer. I have purchased glasses from here a half dozen times. They have glasses ranging from only $5.95 – $49. The styles are vast. My favorite pink tint bling glasses that I love so much came from Zenni.

2. FirmooThe glasses pictured above came from Firmoo. I love these glasses! They are very well made. They are very strong,
and they fit perfectly. Priced at only $26, they were a great deal. Other glasses on the site range from $26 – $66. And as you see above Firmoo has a great try-on tool that allows you to see exactly what the glasses will look like before you purchase. They carry prescription glasses for men and women as well as prescription sunglasses and speciality glasses. The site offers free shipping on purchases over $39 for US shoppers, and free shipping for orders over $55 for those elsewhere. And right now new customers can choose from a number of frames for FREE. Can’t beat that deal!

3. 39 Dollar Glasses: As the name implies, a large number of the glasses available at 39DollarGlasses.com are priced at $39. There are some designer glasses priced as high as $89, which is still a good price for a great pair of glasses. The glasses that I received were $54. They offer prescription glasses, sunglasses, bifocals, and progressives. Orders over $99 get free shipping.

4. Eye Buy Direct: EyeBuyDirect offers many glasses ranging from $6 – $60. They also offer some designer sunglasses and sport glasses. Right now you can find several pair for 30% off. Work on a computer often? Technology can do a number on our eyes. You can get computer lenses to reduce the strain. They offer guaranteed delivery within 14 business days.

No matter which of these you choose to shop from, you will get a great deal on high quality glasses.


Disclosure: I received samples from some of the sites above. I also purchased glasses myself from some of the sites.