Chicago is a beautiful city! I was born here and I have lived here all my life. The thought of relocating to a warmer climate is tempting. However I quickly think about how much I do love this city and the thought of relocating fades away. Chicago is my home and if I left I would probably find my way back.

Earth to Echo – The Movie

Imagine being away from home with no way to get back. In the movie Earth to Echo that is exactly what happens to Echo, an adorable little alien who finds himself stuck on Earth. His mystery and cuteness draws the help of 3 friends – Tuck, Munch, and Alex. They don’t have much time together. Their neighborhood is being ripped apart for a highway construction project. Families are slowly moving out, and they only have a couple of days left together. They decide to use the time that they have left to embark on an adventure to follow the strange maps that have been appearing on their smartphones. If you and your kids loved ET, you will enjoy Earth to Echo.

Our Earth to Echo Adventure

My kids and I embarked on our own #EarthtoEcho adventure armed with our GoPro Hero 3+ camera that we received to document our geocaching adventure. We were lucky to head off to Chicago and the beautiful Museum campus! We looked for clues provided by my smartphone.

Earth To Echo hits theaters on July 2, but you can prepare for the journey in the meantime with the brand new Geocaching EARTH TO ECHO Adventure now available online! Geocaching is a family-friendly activity where adventure seekers can use an app or GPS on their mobile devices to search for cleverly hidden containers placed in nearby neighborhoods. Go on a Geocaching adventure in your city with Earth To Echo! To unlock the mystery today, click here. Adventures are currently available in New YorkLos AngelesChicago and Seattle.

Our Chicago adventure took us to the Adler Planetarium where we searched near the sundial while gasping in the beauty of the city landscape.

earth_to_echo-66 copy

Check out these very cool spiral stones.


We also paid a visit to Northerly Island. I had not been there since I attended a New Edition, Gerald Levert (RIP), and Brian McKnight concert many, many, many years ago.


We needed to beat the rain!! Some wicked looking clouds were rolling in FAST! As a matter of fact, that supercell cloud looked like it just may have been masking a flying saucer (see it better in the video below). Hmmm…


Our next stop was the Field Museum. While there we paid a visit to the brachiosaurus that guards the North end of the building.


We made it!! We finished our #EarthToEcho adventure before the rain started. But we still had to make our way to the theatre to see the movie. And by the time we got there we had to make a run for it into the building because of the rain. But it was worth it. I enjoyed the movie just as much as my kids. They were glued to the screen! And Echo is so adorable. I would gladly help him get home. 🙂

Check out our adventure video below.



See even more pictures on Flickr.

Earth to Echo Banner

Earth to Echo opens in theatres on July 2, 2014. Definitely take your kids to see it. They will love it! You can also visit the Call Him Echo website for more information. And you can…


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