July is my favorite month of the year! The weather is downright hot. And I love the heat!! The kids are out of school. And our schedule is usually packed with fun and lots of grilling. Around here July is the only full summer month of the year that does not include any school days! My kids are in charter school so they go back in early August. YIKES! However, that may change this year (hoping).


Summer is Grilling Season

One of the other main reasons that I love July is that there are plenty of awesome days to cookout or hold a picnic. I already told you how much I love grilling. When I’m not glued to a computer I’m usually in the kitchen cooking up something yummy. But in the summer I take that cooking outdoors as much as I can. And we even take the grilling on the road! The Fourth of July is in just a couple of days. This weekend we will be participating in our yearly tradition of attending the Chosen Few Picnic & Festival. That means we will be packing up tents, chairs, canopies, grills, and everything else needed to spend a fun day in the park.

This year I was looking to do something a little healthier and different to go along with the usual burgers and chicken. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional, I am all about adding my own touch to just about every dish I make. I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly. I use it as a starting point. I’ve found that a lot of recipes out there are lacking seasoning. I usually add more. Grilling is no exception. I¬†assembled a collection of some great recipes on Pinterest that I may be trying this weekend. This collection includes some yummy grilled recipes as well as great side dishes and drinks.