School is out. Summer is officially here. And this means… that my kids are driving me crazy!! LOL! They are not in summer camp this year. They are in Mommy camp. This means that we need to have plenty of things on our calendar to fill up our summer schedule.

I’m lucky in that my job affords me many luxuries of being able to treat my children to outings and events that they might not be able to attend otherwise.  We have already gone to Medieval Times and spent a day at the Waterpark. Also, my boys just returned from a camping trip with the Cub Scouts.

I used OneNote to make a list of all of the things that we want to accomplish this summer. So far our list includes:

  • Medieval times
  • Raging Waves
  • Cub Scout Camp
  • Kid’s blog
  • Beach
  • Millenium Park
  • Children’s Museum
  • Library cards
  • Jewelry class

I started a notebook called Summer Fun and added the above list. This is our master list of all of the things that we want to do. Some of these are being broken out into their own separate notes for even more organizing.

Things_to_DoThere is also a surprise at the end of this summer that I will not add to the list or reveal here since I know that my kids sometimes read my blog. LOL!

I always say that my girls are 11 going on 35. They are just so dang smart! And even though they are only 11 they are already very organized. And it is never too early to foster that entrepreneurial spirit. They have been running a little mini business selling Rainbow Loom bracelets. My daughter is always carrying around a spiral notebook, making lists, and writing down ideas for EVERYTHING. So now is a great time to get them using OneNote.

My girls both have little netbooks that I gifted them and Android smartphones so I had them install the OneNote app so that we can all view the Notebook that I made. You can share your own OneNote note by going to File–>Sharing–>Get a Sharing Link. You can then choose to allow the recipient to View only, or View and Edit the note. There is also an option to send the note as a PDF. I chose the View and Edit option so that my girls can add to the list (within reason). 🙂



This is helpful because one of the major things on their list is to start a blog! Yes, I love my children. They certainly take after me! They have ideas for what types of posts they want to write, an idea for a show starring their brother, and even plans to sell some of their crochet creations. Now they have a way to keep it all organized.

The great thing about OneNote is that it is super easy to use. I gave them an initial lesson and just let them go! Now they can use OneNote to make other lists, keep blog ideas at hand, draft posts, and stories (one daughter is a HUGE story writer), and whatever else they want to use it for.

How do you use OneNote? Think about using it to organize your summer to do list! Now go out there and have some fun. 🙂


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the Office Ambassador Program. All opinions are my own.