Summer is ticking away fast. For some of us August is the month of back-to-school. For others, September is the magic month. No matter which it is for you, it is time to get your kids back into learning mode. This is in addition to starting to get the household back on schedule. It was can be lot! During the summer things in my house are very loosely scheduled. We stay up late. We eat out a lot. We play hard! And yes, we watch a lot of movies. It is easy to get into relax mode. We will start to watch movies a little less, but there is still time to get some relaxation in. I’m lucky in that my kids love to watch educational programming. We sit together and watch documentaries about space, animals, science, and more. Here are 10 titles on Netflix to wake up those little brains and get them back into school mode.

For Older Kids


1. Lewis & Clark: The Journey Out West 2. Walking with Dinosaurs 3. Secret Yellowstone 4. The Blue Planet 5. When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions

Want even more brain-boosting titles? Our friends at Common Sense Media shared 12 age-appropriate documentaries that encourage kids to explore worlds they may not normally encounter, all currently streaming on Netflix – check out the list here.


For Younger Kids


These are just a few of the titles available. Of course there are many, many more available. What are some of your favorite brain-power titles?   Disclosure: This post is brought to you by No compensation was received.