I cannot believe it, but it is August already. And that means that it is time to go back to school. Back to school shopping can be fun, but stressful.  And with 4 kids it is even moreso.  Kids will need several things including spiral notebooks, notebook paper, pencils, crayons, and much more. We can usually find and buy these items with our eyes closed. Schools help us out by sending home detailed lists telling us exactly how many of each item the classroom needs. Those lists can get quite long!

But while we are buying all of these school supplies do we consider the security of the items? At my kid’s previous school they did not have lockers. Their backpacks were kept on hooks in their classroom. Their other belongings were kept on their back of their chair. This is not an ideal setup. Did you know that more than half of North American students don’t use a locker? Because of this most opt to carry their stuff with them all day. This can cause sore backs!

Half of American parents surveyed stated that their child has had an item stolen from them at school. I have been there! Last year my daughter’s cell phone stolen from her backpack by an older student. Luckily I was able to get it back after a little bit of an investigation. However, it never should have happened.

I’m looking forward to my kids being able to use lockers to protect their belongings. A locker also gives a student a sense of responsibility. They have a space to call their own, and of course a space to decorate! And once they have the locker just the way they like they, they need to lock it up.

Master Lock offers a great line of products for Back to School. There are several locks, locking cables, backpack locks, and more to fit many needs.


These include the Master Lock 1500eDBX which I talked about in a previous post. This is a futuristic lock that works in conjunction with Master Lock Vault.


Also the 1535DWD Set-Your-Own Combination Lock. These come in a few cool colors, and allow the user to set a word as the combination.

Check out the Master Lock website to see the variety of other personal and home security products offered.

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Do your kids use lockers? Have you had a theft occur at school?


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Master Lock Vault and Global Influence. All opinions are my own.