Shopping for a car can be hard. Luckily technology makes it better. We are now able to search for and figure out exactly what we want in a vehicle without ever leaving home. This is all thanks to the magic of the Internet. And besides just car shopping online, advances in car tech mean that we can get a lot of cool features in newer cars. What are some of the things that you look for? I am all about the tech, but other things are of importance too.

While power locks and windows used to be the essence of extravagance in new cars; technology has advanced enough to provide drivers with high-tech, luxurious upgrades that make commuting more comfortable, safe and easy. Car shopping has never been more of a treat. Top manufacturers aiming at younger audiences, like Scion, offer great performance with optimal features that provide drivers with a one-of-a-kind experience behind the wheel. Read on for a list of the must-have features new car buyers want.

A Hands-Free System (Bluetooth Compatibility)

With new laws in place in many states across America that limit or completely restrict handheld phone devices while driving, a Bluetooth compatible or hands-free system is mandatory. Many of the best car manufacturers are installing them as standard in newer cars. There’s no better or safer way to stay in touch while driving than by utilizing a hands-free system. Some cars can even read your text messages  and offer canned responses so that your hands stay on the wheel.

A Great Warranty

An excellent warranty offered by the car manufacturer is a must when buying a new car. Look for one that offers at least a two-year warranty or 25,000 miles. Typically the warranty will cover maintenance issues, but some manufacturers offer warranties that include roadside assistance. This is an added bonus and an impressive feature that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you want to learn more about warranties, check out Edmund’s warranty guide.

Extra Cargo Space

Car buyers now need more cargo space than ever before. With kids in soccer, football and dance class, plus grocery shopping, there is always extra gear to haul around. And carpooling has become a necessity for many families, meaning extra room is always welcome. Not only are manufacturers listening to their buyers, but they are delivering.

New cars have a lot more cargo space than they used to, especially with options like fold-flat rear seats that allow drivers to fit bulkier items inside. With so much extra space, drivers can easily and comfortably take more camping trips, haul items to the local charity and spend more time shopping at the bulk wholesale stores.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes are a safety feature that should come standard with new cars. If one of the wheels on the vehicle lock up, the ABS feature can pump the brakes at a much higher speed than a human could. And although anti-lock brake systems very rarely go on the fritz, if it happens the car will automatically convert back to a normal, working break system.

Great advances in science and technology have allowed the automation industry to explode with new ideas, features and elements that now seem impractical to live without. Vehicles have never been safer or more exciting to drive. Research some of the best new car options available before heading to the dealership, and as always, remember that safety features should be at the top of the list of importance.

There is more on car shopping coming up. Stay tuned!