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It is a sad fact that half of all new businesses fail within the first year of operation. One of the main reasons why those businesses fail is because of a lack of marketing. It is nearly impossible for your company to succeed without putting some work in to advertising. While some companies succeed through word of mouth, you can’t expect for that method to work for you until you get people through the door. Even Coca-Cola, Nike and other major businesses still rely on new advertising methods and campaigns to increase sales and introduce new products. Before investing a lot of money and effort into an ad campaign, think about how you can draw in new customers online.

Building a Website

As more people search for information online, you can’t expect to succeed without a strong, user friendly website. Companies without websites face problems from customers who want to find out more about that company, including its location, hours of operation and goods or services that it offers. After you start your new business, you need to decide on a domain name for your website and register that domain name right away. You’ll find a number of sites, including, that let you register and launch your new site.

Improve Your Ranking

Google and other search engine sites troll the Internet to locate new sites. Though those sites will index and add your site to a directory, you need to know how to improve your ranking. Many site owners rely on the content that they add to their site. You can increase views and your ranking when you add articles relating to the products or services that you offer. Those looking for specific keywords relating to your page will see your site ranked higher. Linking your page to other sites online can also increase your online presence. If you are not sure how to improve your ranking, consult an expert!

Marketing Locally

Local Internet marketing refers to the way you market your company to those in the surrounding community. This usually includes linking your main site to other pages, including a Facebook page, Twitter account and Foursquare account. Customers can check in on those sites, read your pages to learn more about your company and find simple directions to your main office. Local marketing lets you reach people who live nearby and are more likely to work with you than those living in other cities and states. If you want your company to succeed, you need to focus on marketing to locals first.

Building your businesses web presence may sound like a lot of work, but it can very rewarding.