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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™

simplrI’ll admit that when I purchase small electronics I usually opt out of the extra service plan offered by the retailer. However, with some items I have accepted the terms. And I have been able to put it to use a few times. There is no feeling like having an item that you paid hundreds of dollars for break down, and knowing that you are covered. This can save you a ton of money on repairs and replacements!

I recently bought a car (a post coming on that later!) and I opted to get the additional warranty. It is a used car and I only have about 9,000 miles left on the manufacturer’s warranty, so I want to be covered. I feel the same way about major appliances in my home. Things like televisions, major appliances, laptops, and tablets, and more all need protection.


The SIMPLR plan from Asurion can protect your major purchases and give you peace of mind. This is especially true if you are a parent. My kids are blessed to inherit several tech items from me. However, they do not always have the best judgement when it comes to taking care of that technology! As a matter of fact I have had to replace 2 netbook screens over the past few years because of my lovely, cute children.

Here is one of those poor laptops after I decided to replace the screen myself.


SIMPLR would have covered this, and my fingers and nails would have been saved. The plan covers accidental damage from drops, spills, and cracked screens for portable products like tablets and laptops.

Here is a video that I’m sure we can all relate to:


There is also coverage for portable electronics, desktop computers, televisions, major appliances, general merchandise, sporting goods, and jewelry and watches.

Get coverage for:

  • Power surge damage
  • Wear and tear failures
  • Defects in materials and workmanship
  • Mechanical and/or electrical breakdowns
  • Heat, dust, and humidity

Reading that list, I have had experiences with appliances or electronics breaking down from just about everything covered.

My home was built in 2006. I was here for only a few months when my refrigerator died. They had to replace the circuit board in the fridge. I have also had my built-in microwave and double oven break down and need repairs! And I also had the joy of having the hard drive on my Macbook die right after the one year warranty expired. Isn’t that how the timing usually is? Thinking about it, it is quite a lot. But it is par for the course when you are a homeowner I guess.

Once you sign up for SIMPLR there are no additional fees, no deductibles, and no repair costs. Sign up can be done at the time that you purchase the item, or within 30 days by visiting the SIMPLR website. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your item is covered!

When you need service you file a claim online, pack and ship your product, or arrange for an in-home repair.

Have you had items in your home break down leading to costly repairs?

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DisclosureThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR