You may remember some of my personal stories of laptop theft. Back when I worked an office job I had an office on the ground floor of the building. I was a desktop support technician so my office was usually full of computing equipment. However, I usually took my own laptop home with me. The one day that I left my laptop on my desk, the thief attacked. Someone broke the window to my office and took my laptop and another that I was working on. I never got it back.

If I had comprehensive laptop and data protection like Absolute Lojack, I may have gotten my laptop back. And I could have remotely wiped my laptop to protect my data from prying eyes. This week’s #AbsoluteUncovered post is about protecting your laptop against theft.

Tips on Protecting Your Laptop From Theft

1. Setup a Secure Password: Similar to a smartphone the first step to protecting your laptop from theft is setting up a secure password. When you get a new computer you will be prompted to create an account. When you setup your password DO NOT USE EASY WORDS. Click here to read a previous post about creating secure passwords.

2. Backup Often: Depending on the type of laptop you may have backup software built-in. Apple computers use Time Machine, and some Windows computers may come with software from a variety of companies. These programs can be used to periodically back up your whole hard drive to an external drive or off site location. Do your research and choose the software that fits your needs.

3. Use the Cloud: Even if you are backing up your computer each night, it is a good idea to store frequently used data, or data that you really do not want to lose in the Cloud. This way in the event that your laptop is stolen you can gain immediate access to your data from another computer, or even your mobile phone.

6. Don’t Leave Your Laptop Unattended in Public Places: These days it is an everyday sight to see workers sitting in Starbucks, Panera, the airport, or the public library to get some work done. Most people feel secure because everyone seems to be doing it. This is exactly when a thief while strike. Don’t leave your laptop unattended. It only takes a moment for someone to run by and grab it while you are refilling your coffee.

7. Don’t Leave Your Laptop in Plain View of a Window: As you can see from my story above I learned this lesson the hard way! Whether you are home or in your office be careful where you leave your laptop. Leaving your blinds open, and your gadgets in plain view is the perfect way to attract thieves.

8. Sign Up for Absolute Lojack: Using the right device protection service can be the difference in losing or recovering your laptop. Using a service like Absolute Lojack means that if your laptop is lost you track it quickly. And remember, you can sign up right now and use the promo code UNCOVER30 to get a 30% discount on a standard or premium plan during checkout. The premium plan includes a service guarantee. If your laptop is not recovered you receive up to $1000. Visit the Absolute Lojack website to learn more and to sign up.

Do you do a good job of protecting you laptop? Take this laptop safety quiz and find out!


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Absolute Lojack. All opinions are my own.